Eat Often—Lose Weight!

by Shawna Hamilton B.A., BKin, H.D on July 13, 2010

Eat More, lose weight at

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Eat often and watch the pounds drop off…

Sound too good to be true?

Hi guys!

I hope you’ve missed me! This busy trainer of yours has been flying by the seat of her pants! That’s not to say that I have not been thinking of you, because part of my daily grind has involved compiling amazingly informative health and fitness info for your reading pleasure!

I suppose the title of my article might have you a bit confused, as eating more and weighing less sounds rather paradoxical doesn’t it?

However, it’s the truth. Eating 5-6 “mini-meals” a day boosts your metabolism and keeps your body operating on all six cylinders, all day long! What comes with a well fueled engine? That’s right, power and energy. You have to think of your body as a machine. Fuel it, move it and watch it burn rubber! No proverbial gas in the tank? And your buddy will be pushing you around all day in neutral, and that’s no way to treat a pal.

Here is some food for thought:

Skipping meals now = overeating later. Always and forever.

It’s a scientifically proven fact. If you skip breakfast and wait for a hunger signal, you’ll be far more likely to “binge” due to fallen blood sugar levels, and you are guaranteed to make poor food choices as your body and brain are dying to “feed the need.” And I bet my entire nonexistent retirement fund on the fact that you will likely choose fat and/or sugar. Ewwy gooey meat lovers pizza and pop anyone?

Choosing smaller, frequent meals will alleviate this problem altogether and keep you not only svelte but brain happy and productive too! Because spreading your calories throughout the day will better control your appetite and increase your diet success! Think of an average 2000 calorie per day diet plan. That’s three ‘square’ meals a day plus two snacks. Consider your meal times to consist of 500-600 calories each and snacks to consist of about 100-200 calories each. I’m not suggesting you calorie count per se, just be mindful of the lesser amount of calories that should be going into a healthier meal selection. If you are interested, I can write some about various tips for eating/dining out. Give me a shout out for any information that you’d like to see covered! For now, I thought I would offer you some 100 calorie, easy to pack, snack options for you:

• 1 mini whole wheat pita with 1 tbsp of hummus
• 1 medium apple with a tsp of unsalted peanut butter or almond butter
• A handful of raisins and a small piece of fruit
• ½ cup of fat free yogurt with some rolled oats mixed in
• 1 cup of grapes

I welcome any questions. I’m here if you need me.

In the meantime, please don’t skip breakfast, eat smaller meals and snacks more frequently, take the supplements we talked about a few weeks ago, train hard and love your life!

I’ll be back in no time!

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