When A Highschool Hockey Program Goes Hollywood

by Rob Campbell on September 19, 2010

Educators will tell you that having a winning sports team can inject efficacy and enthusiasm into an entire student body. There’s a buzz in the halls, and a new energy in the classroom, because it’s myth making and on some level each school victory makes everyone feel special. Kids remember where they were when it happened; they’re now part of their school’s  history forevermore.

Here in Canada, we praise hockey achievement above all other sports, yet having the proper facilities to train players, and funds to provide equipment and pay qualified coaches is usually more than most public schools can afford. That’s why some parents, the ones who just know, or have been told enough times that their sons have real hockey talent, often elect to send them to private schools. In this decision they ensure their boys get a good education, and the best possible access to hockey arenas and advanced coaching.

There’s a list of all hockey boarding schools in Canada on HF Hockey Forums and conversation has started there about which is the best and has the best reputation.

St. Andrew’s College (SAC), an all-boys’ school in Aurora, Ontario made a video to showcase their high school hockey program, and it’s downright heroic.

St. Andrew’s College, Varsity Hockey video on YouTube

The video debuted during the Toronto Film Festival at The Spoke Club at King and Portland (an approved TIFF venue) and for the amusement of many noteworthy benefactors, board members, parents, educators and administrators. There was all manner of snacks and a wide selection of beverages, accompanied by soft music, the setting supported superb conversation between SAC’s most preeminent people.

SAC video release, snacks, trays, Toronto, Spoke ClubHere’s a glimpse inside the festivities.  More information presented in Videos Launch on new St. Andrew’s College website including biographical data on William Scoular who directed the videos, and appeared at Spoke Club on Friday September 10th to shakes hands and answer questions.

The Producer/ Director, William Scoular , Head of Drama at St. Andrew’s College for the past 23 years, described the making of the videos during a private viewing at The Spoke Club in Toronto last Friday, September 10th from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Last year, in an effort to differentiate St. Andrew’s from its competition, Scoular set out to illustrate the meaning of the School’s mission statement: “the development of the complete man, the well-rounded citizen.”

Scoular also maintains a professional life outside of St. Andrew’s as a director and writer for both stage and screen.

A glimpse inside the festivities surrounding the completion and release of great media for St. Andrew’s College during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). More information presented in <a href=”http://www.sac.on.ca/news/detail.aspx?pageaction=ViewSinglePublic&amp;LinkID=440&amp;ModuleID=89&amp;NEWSPID=1″ rel=”nofollow”>Videos Launch on new St. Andrew’s College website</a> including biographical data on William Scoular who directed the videos, and appeared at Spoke Club on Friday September 10th to shakes hands and answer questions.

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