Rate of single fathers increases in Canada: Here’s a list of places for single dads to meet women

by Rob Campbell on November 18, 2010

Video Short: Single Dads by Pete Karenin and Brian Sacca

When we think of single parents, people most often assume that that parent is a mother. However, statistics show that the number of single fathers in Canada have doubled from 1981 to 2001 from 119,000 to 338,000. By 2006, nearly 20% of single parents were fathers, and that number is steadily increasing. The rate of single father families is also increasing at a quicker pace than the rate of single-mother families. (source).

What does this say about the changing landscape of fatherhood in Canada?

For starters, the traditional gender roles of parenting are changing. Whereas fathers used to be the breadwinners in the sixties, this role has evolved much since then. The rising rate of single fathers indicate that men are playing a larger variety of roles in the family, including both provider and nurturer. Traditional household duties that were often assigned to the mother are now being overtaken by single fathers, who must be both a mom and dad to their children.

While it is heartwarming to see that the face of fatherhood is evolving, being a single dad can sometimes be a lonely ride. Here are three places where single fathers can potentially meet well-suited, family-oriented women:

1) The laundromat
The laundromat is a good place to meet someone. The fact that she’s doing her laundry not only implies that she has good hygeine, but is responsible when it comes to chores and household duties. There are plenty of opportunities to start a conversation. Ask if she could break your ten dollar bill (because nobody wants ten dollars in quarters now, do they?), offer her some of your new fabric softener because it smells oh-so-fresh, or comment on her outrageous pillowcases. Waiting for your laundry can be a boring and tedious task, but during that time you can see if she is a kid-friendly woman that you can introduce your kids to.

2) Baseball games
Baseball games are great because they’re filled with lots of kids. You’ll know that a woman is down-to-earth if you see her at a baseball game. See how she interacts with the children around her. Chances are, she’ll be laid back and fun. If you like what you see, ask her if she can take a picture of you and your kids. Then introduce her to your kids, and let the conversation go from there.

3) Grocery store
No matter what age or sex we are, people still have to eat. If you meet a woman here, chances are that she’ll be a good chef or at least someone who is capable of cooking. I don’t know about you, but the way to me and my kids’ hearts is definitely through our stomachs! Examine the types of things in her grocery basket, and create conversation accordingly. Never make remarks about diets or references to weight!

And always remember: If you are going on an outing with your other single dads friends, make sure to go out in groups of three families or more to avoid situations like Pete and Brian’s! (in video above).

Do you know any single fathers? What are their experiences of being a single-parent like?

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