Teach Your Kids About Beauty With Lenzr’s Photography Contests

by Rob Campbell on November 29, 2010

We’re often told that it’s not the destination, but the journey. Teach your kids how to find beauty in the unexpected, and it can prove to be an invaluable lesson for them.

Growing up, one of the greatest things that my own dad has taught me is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As the son of a beekeeper, it would always amaze me how perfectly organized the beehive was. The design of the hive comprised of perfectly engineered six-sided cells, created by the bees’ own wax. To me, that was impressive, and  this process of producing honey was far more beautiful than the finished product itself.

Though I’m not suggesting you to take your kids all the way to a bee farm to teach them about beauty and appreciation, I am suggesting that you improvise with a little creativity and a camera. Lenzr’s three new photocontests can help you teach your kids a thing or two about finding beauty in the unexpected.

Lenzr's Photo Contest: Broken Factories for Solarsoft ERP software, Making It Beautiful by Aveda Beauty School, Canadian Beaches for Bathing Belle designer swimwear

Making It Beautiful: Beauty as a Process

Making It BeautifulLenzr’s Making It Beautiful contest focuses on what it takes to make something beautiful. How is beauty created, enhanced, and reflected? Ask your kids what the same question, and have them capture it in a snapshot. Show them that there are many steps that artists make in order to create their works of art. Once they learn that beauty is a process, they’ll be sure to appreciate it that much more. Submit that photo to the contest website, and you could win $500 worth of hairstyling products from a beauty school.

Broken Factories: Beauty in Imperfections

Abandoned Factory Ruins For a NetbookBeauty can also be found in unexpected things. The Broken Factories photocontest tries to find beauty in the unexpected, the forgotten buildings and abandoned warehouses, and to bring them back into the light. See that crumbling building with the peeling paint? The boarded up windows and the slanted roof? These buildings, though abandoned, have countless imperfections but that’s precisely what gives them character. They have stood the test of time and there’s surely something beautiful about the history intertwined with them. Take a few hours and tour Toronto’s many abandoned buildings with your children, and show them how to find beauty in flaws, imperfections, and the unexpected. Your photo could win you the contest’s grand prize of a Toshiba netbook courtesy of an ERP software developer.

Canadian Beaches: Diversifying Beauty

Canadian Beaches Lenzr Photo Contest - win designer swimwearAnother unexpected place to find beauty is in the beaches of Canada. Though Canada may not be the warmest climate especially during our low-season months, our diverse climate provides some interesting waterscape photography. Bundle up and take your kids to the beach, and take some pictures of our Canadian beaches. Try to illustrate that Canada’s beaches are just as diverse as our culture, and then submit your photo to Lenzr’s Canadian Beaches contest. You could win three pieces of designer swimwear, which I’m sure the wife would appreciate on top of the profound lesson on beauty you’ve taught your kids 🙂

All contests have already started but good news – you still have time. Voting starts December 20th and will continue until the contest ends at 12:01am on January 1st, 2011. Open to all Canadians (excluding residents of Quebec) 13 years of age or older.

Take your kids out for an impromptu lesson on photography, and teach them to appreciate the beauty in the unexpected. Good luck to all contest participants!

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