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Fun for Kids at the Toronto Christmas Market

Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery DistrictWho said a Winter Wonderland needs snow? If the crowds at the Distillery District’s Toronto Christmas Market opening ceremonies are any indication, the spirit of Christmas prevails with or without the fluffy white stuff.

This relatively new city tradition (inspired by the Christmas Markets in Germany and now in its second year) is a welcome addition to the holiday activities available to Torontonians in December. Every Christmas delight is covered, from a stand where you can purchase a Christmas tree for your home, to miniature cottages spread throughout the Distillery selling gifts and snacks, to a neighbourhood-wide liquor license (take your pick between beer or mulled wine), to the spectacular 45-foot Christmas tree (donated by Trees Ontario) and decorated with mint green sashes, shiny red ornaments and more than 12,000 reed switch component Christmas light bulbs.

Sound like fun? Ferris Wheel at the Toronto Christmas MarketYour kids will think so too–this is one Christmas event in Toronto for the whole family, and it is in continuous improvement in this regard. This event is so kid-friendly, it may come as a shock to your children! My advice would be to tell them you’re all going out to pick a Christmas tree, and let them discover the ferris wheel and the carousel for themselves. That’s Christmas magic.

On top of the tremendous novelty of outdoor carnival rides in winter, your kids will love the free candy canes, hot chocolate, fudge, and other ‘sugar plums’ on offer; though they won’t enjoy the subsequent trip to a Toronto dentist as much, ’tis the seaon!

Make this Christmas season a magical one for your kids by attending the FREE Toronto Christmas Market. For the occasion, one of the cobblestone streets in the Distillery has been renamed Santa’s Lane. Father Christmases of all cultures and customs will be present to tell their traditional stories and fill hearts with cheer, but to get to Santa’s house children must first find their way through a maze made out of small pine trees.

– Santa will be in the Distillery on weekdays from 2 p.m.7 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m., with a reindeer petting zoo on location during weekend hours.

-There will be daily reading of Grimm Brothers classics, and real-life characters Father Christmas and the Christmas Angel walking around.

– Write the North Pole via Santa Mail! Canada Post is providing two letter boxes from which letters will be shipped express to Santa. Kids can write Carollers at the Toronto Christmas Marketletters in Santa’s Workshop (indoors) as well as make crafts, stocking stuffers and play Christmas games with other children. With so much to see and do, you might want to make a whole day out of it, bringing lunch containers or opting to try some of the German street fare (like hot pretzels or schnitzel) available.

– Finally, take photographs! is sponsoring a Toronto Christmas Market photo contest, rewarding the best photograph taken of the market with $250. 2nd place will receive a $250 restaurant gift certificate, and third place will receive a $100 gift certificate courtesy of the Distillery District.

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Play Time Benefits Kids

dad playing with son for Heads Up DadStudies show that most children understand how to ‘pretend’ and use their imaginations at or around the age of two years old. Playtime builds the imagination which is a vital part of human development and supports growth and healthy development in children.

It’s important to be able to develop the use of the imagination because it helps children develop problem solving skills for the future.

Our imagination helps us to understand the use of symbols and therefore the skills of determining that one object can stand for another. It is essential in decoding which is necessary for abstract learning involving language, reading and math. The use of play in the development of the imagination helps us to explore situations and outcomes. In the act of play the use of everyday items is seen as symbols for something else. Often you might see a child use an object such as a pen to be used as a phone. or pan from the kitchen as a drum. Playing promotes the experimentation of various jobs and personalities. The mind hasn’t fully developed and by trying on different characters and behaviours the child can experiment by developing neural pathways in the brain which make us who we are. Play can also encourage the development of listening skills. Children often like to tryout different leadership roles or interactions with siblings and other people they come in contact with. It can help them make sense and interpret the social situations that happen in life, and the rules of social behaviour. For children facing behavioural difficulties with situations like perhaps a parental divorce, the use of play can provide a sense of control over their lives that they might not feel they have. This is why some children going through emotional difficulties may benefit from a trained professional play therapist or expressive art therapist. In extreme circumstances this recommendation to see a trained professional may be necessary.Father and son and the benifits of play with social skills

Play With Your Child to Help Develop Social Skills

A social skill is defined as any skills facilitating interaction and communication with others. Playing with your child can help develop social skills. The parallel play among toddlers and children can help the child interpret and learn the rules and social behaviors of everyday life. It’s important to set good examples during these pleasurable times with your child for they are looking for your coaching skills. These are verbal or nonverbal ways of communication. If healthy play is involved, children have the opportunity to act out different social behaviors in a safe fun way without emotional punishment. Role playing is perfect for learning social skills in a variety of situations, such as work, dinner parties, school and other relationship interactions. When your child wants you to sit with them and play at having a tea party then it’s best to be a perfect role model and sit down and listen. When it’s your turn to facilitate, this is a perfect opportunity for you to help teach listening skills as well. Explore situations and outcomes with your child. The possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to laugh with your child. If during play you see behaviour you don’t like to see in your child mimic a better type of behavioral response for your child and have fun.

Physical Development through Play

The benefits of physical development through the act of play speaks for itself. We all want to have healthy active children so they can have the best quality of life. If you don’t have the space and time to play a sport with your child, that’s ok. Use your imagination and problem solving skills. These are the skills you want to see your child develop. You don’t need a large amount of time to play with your child. Take 20 minutes in the day with your child and skip rope with them. Play hop scotch or grab a ball and play toss. Set up a little relay race in your living room if space is limited. Play a simple hide and seek game around the house or turn on music and dance with your son or daughter. This will help build hand eye coordination, strength, balance and reduce stress. Yes, children can experience stress too.

Emotional Well being

Play has a lot to contribute to the emotional well being of your children as well. Play can offer a sense of control and self esteem. Kids can work through their emotions through play such as storytelling and physical play. This can be their chance to share the experience of aggressive behavior they may have experienced with a sibling or friend at another time. Children going through a lot of emotional challenges in their life should be encouraged and supported to play. Don’t fret if you see your child working with Plasticine in an aggressive way. Allow them to expressive themselves, as long as they are not being destructive to anything other than the modeling clay. Don’t worry play is a healthy resource tool to express emotions that are difficult to share.

Parental Role

When playing with your child remember your role in the process. Kids look to you for your coaching skills and modeling behavior. Freedom of self expression is important for building self esteem. Let your child take a leadership role in the play as well and join in when invited. If you child only wants you to watch, watch. Listen to your child and take turns practicing this listening skill. Everything in life has limits and it`s important set safety boundaries, preferably beforehand, when playing with your child. Let you child know the time limits of the play if you may have to be interrupted. It can be very confusing for a child to think they are playing with you and then continue on when you have stopped this engagement. Make this transition from play into reality as clear as possible. For example, let them know that when the phone rings, play time is finished, and you have returned to your role as father. Also let them know the limits that involve safety for the reason that no one gets hurt. This is crucial. It`s important to engage in play with your child from time to time and also encourage them time to play with others as well. Set up play dates if you can with other families, and remember to enjoy.

Springtime Photography Challenges on Lenzr

Shiny Metal surfaces, best cottage moments and more photo contest with Lenzr in CanadaSpringtime Photography Fun

Looking for some more activities to share with your kids? Remember the benefits of photography are more available now that cameras are inexpensive, indeed disposable.

Photography challenges are good for developing a ‘technical creativity’, and they’re also a great form of self expression. Take photos of your kids or better yet let them have the camera and give them the opportunity to pick the subjects and make digital documents. Give them specific goals as outlined by this month’s four Lenzr photo contests, and stand back to properly coach their success.

Self expression is crucial for healthy emotional development. Here are four excellent Lenzr photo contests that might help you get started for your days of photography with your kids. If you aren’t skilled in photography, don’t worry, this is a perfect chance to learn with your child. Relax, learning is better and easier when it’s made to be fun.

Weather the Storm

Weather The Storm photo contest is a great chance to get meteorological with your camera and child. It doesn’t have to be stormy skies, it can be a single shocking cloud on the horizon, or a steamy scene by the lake, or a threatening sunset.A best cottage moments from a Muskoka cottage in Ontario Canada Use filters and photo editing because that’s allowed on Lenzr. Take the digital camera outside your house and experiment in capturing these stormy skies. Remember on Lenzr you can submit the photos free – get your child to help you to write a little story behind the photo. This will enhance the imagination of the craft. The prize is a Sony Cyber-shot digital camera your child may enjoy courtesy of a Toronto commercial flat roofing company.

Wakeboarding on Lake Muskoka, from Muskoka cottage onlineBest Cottage Moments

This Best Cottage Moments photo challenge is a celebration of your best moments at the cottage. Your whole family can star in this one – for many people the cottage is special because the memories that have nothing to do with school. You can incorporate a different type of learning fun outdoors. The contest winner is offered a valuable prize of a Sony digital camera with lots of amazing features thanks to a Muskoka cottage for sale online. Its an unusual sponsor, but a great prize and good popular theme – someone is going to win.

The cottage owner has left a few of his own magic moments on his blog, and one in particular I will share here is from 2009 when himself and friends went wakeboarding on Lake Muskoka. The post chronicles this niche water sport in considerable detail.

What’s in The Fridge?

Do you ever find your kids in the kitchen opening and closing the fridge door constantly? I once heard about a transparent fridge. Or one with a simple Plexiglas door; the idea would be to have a fridge with a transparent door so anyone could just look inside without actually opening the device – would save energy.  We still haven’t seen that on the market yet, but more likely there could be one with a flat screen which would show the contents of the fridge at the touch of a button.  A printable coupone sponsored Lenzr canada photo contest April and May 2011 Anyhow please take advantage of this with this photo contest called What’s In Your Fridge. Get creative with your camera and use your imagination to create the best photo image of what’s in your fridge and you have the chance to fill some bellies with good nutritious food (or any food you choose) for a while. The contest prize is $500 worth of groceries thanks to sponsor’s printable coupons which of course you do NOT have to use or even acknowledge but you might want to check out that site. We all know it’s not easy to feed your kids these days. If your teenagers can help you share coupons you can all work up a great rewards system that will actually make it worth your while.

Shiny Metal Surfaces
Lenzr photo contest April and May for Shiny metal surfaces thanks to metal panels company
Grown-ups and children of all ages will warm to this photo challenge.  Small children love the lure of the shiny metal surfaces. It makes you wonder what it is they find so appealing? where’s the mystery? But there is something that catches our eyes… Well, you can all work together on this Shiny Metal Surfaces photo contest. Don’t forget to upload your photos for free and you and your child could win an amazing Sony Camera with lots of options to add to your camera collection thanks to the metal panels company that likes photography too. The camera would make a good birthday gift – it has a motion detector on it so you can leave it in your storage locker and set it to record anyone who breaks the envelope of the frame – you can watch later as they steal all of your shiny metal surfaces.

Lenzr photo contests are all about the art of photography and encouraging the creativity and fun for photographers of all skill levels. Enjoy the moments with your child and share in photography experience. Give them skills and opportunities to use their imagination and gain self confidence through their self expression. Take pleasure and pride in the creative process and give positive guidance when you can. The contests are taking place now. Sit with your child and look at the other photos to get some ideas. The contest voting begins May 15th 2011, so mark your calendar. Then the voting ends May 25th 2011. Set your schedule. The top ten voted photos will advance to judges and the prize winners will be announced June 1st 2011. Take some creative risks, enjoy the experience with your child, and grow along the way.

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Fresh Photo Safari on Lenzr in February

Once again Lenzr photo contests are the perfect canvas for kids to get creative on otherwise boring Saturday afternoons in the middle of winter. Armed with a smart phone or digital camera, this website provides a ready made adventure for kids or anyone interested in improving their photography skills – collecting these pictures becomes a powerful photo scavenger hunt. Kids with cameras need a mandate and this website programs their minds in a mission to make memories.

Nine contests on Lenzr for a variety of sponsors including swimming pools, Ontario microFit, dance class, rigid foam insulation, marriage counselor, home stager, manufacturing software, patio furniture

There are nine challenges on the photo contest website this month and the competitions end on march 25th when the top ten user ranked images are judged, and the best photo in each contest is selected as the winner.

Each Lenzr Contest is a Unique Photography Exercise

The contests have a lot to teach both amateur and professional photographers.

boy in swimming pool, contest plate for Lenzr reflections in poolsThe Lenzr photo contest Reflections in Pools is all about positioning. The cameraman must be aware of how to maximize a glittering reflection and how to capture the best shimmer and image as its reflected from the source. The prize is an Olympus STYLUS TOUGH-8800 underwater camera that any kid would love to have and use in the swimming pool at home or school. How does the reflection change our perception of the subject?

rigid foam insulation sponsor Lenzr soap foam and bubbles photo contestStill working with water, add some detergent and focus your camera on foam and bubbles. The physics of soap bubbles is amazing. Get close. Can you capture the majesty of the moment – soap bubbles don’t last very long.

The Soapy Foam and Bubbles photo contest yields a Sony laptop the the best photo courtesy of SilveRboard rigid foam insulation at which if you look close you can see is filled with millions of tiny bubbles wrapped in aluminum foil.

Long lenses capture beauty, wide angle lenses capture emotions.

Long lenses are designed for portraits, sports and nature photography. The first leg of the photo safari demonstrated how to make pictures more impressive by perfect positioning and getting close – those lessons were learned in shooting reflections and soap bubbles. Now let’s back away from the subject and still try and contain the same amount of details.

Beautiful Factories, manufacturing software, Apple iPad, Lenzr photo contest

Put a wide lens on your camera (below 50mm) and this will force you to get into the action, and most likely your pictures will gain depth, details and emotions. Don’t hesitate to approach your main subject by less than 1.5m (5 feet). Sometimes the best pictures are up close and personal and full of lots of little details in the background.

Take a moment and read up a very famous picture of war photographer James Nachtwey, who would take pictures of soldiers with wide angle lenses while lying in their midst as they fought battles.

Can you get wide angle shots of Beautiful Factories full of dynamic details? Show off the intricate ionnovations of modern industrial centers, meat processing plants, chemical refineries, warehouses, shipping and receiving centers and even data storage terminals. The prize is an Apple ipad courtesy of this manufacturing software maker in Richmond Hill Ontario.

patio furniture on Lenzr is much coveted The Best Patio in Canada photo contest is also best accomplished with a wide angle lens, outside in the sun. Here there’s an emphasis on collecting an interesting horizon of some unique scenery or cityscape and patio furniture outdoor entertainment and people of course – puts lots of interesting characters in your pictures because people love to see people and search their faces and gestures for emotions – they seek the necessary clues to form opinions and build their own emotional response.

Ontario microFIT, sun money, portable solar power, SolarlineThe Making Green Power photo contest is a third and final candidate for wide angle photo scavengers. Once again its necessary to show how the green power is being made and this is best accomplished by showing off a lot of the setting – wind farms should be accompanied by long grass and trees branches blowing in the breeze – solar power is best highlighted against a sun baked horizon and of course algae ponds and wood pellet plants would be wide angles of the processing plants

The prize is an The Escape 150 solar power kit that will collect and store 150W / hr courtesy of a solar power installation company and their dedication the Ontario microFIT program and the green benefits of sun money passive income streams.

Make your picture tell a story

A good picture tells a story on its own, if you add all the elements of the story to your picture’s composition.

A good story will usually need some background information, therefore chose your spot (just like back when you were trying to capture that reflection) in a way, that important elements appear either next to the person or clearly visible in the background.

Sebastiao Salgado is a masterful storytelling photographer. Have a look at his work. Every single shot tells a story. You need no text, no caption to understand the essence of the picture.

people dancing in a dance class in the street, Marla Silva Taking pictures of people dancing is a terrific exercise for capturing human emotion. The People Dancing photo contest on Lenzr asks that you try and capture some sort of structured dance and these days that could be polka or waltz or swing or hip hop or jungle or even classical ballet. The prize in this contest is two pairs of professional dancing shoes from Marla Silva and her dancing classes in west Toronto.

The On Stage at Home photo contest concentrates storytelling skills as it asks photograpohers to take pictures of performances in kitchens, livingrooms, diningrooms, and garages – indoor photography for framing people performing in front of audiences and

picture- the photo contest rewards the best image with a large animal skin rug – it looks like a zebra buiut you can get cow or elk or buffalo of whatever you most desire to decorate the cement floors of a condominium or the wood floors of a warehouse lofe. This contest is sponsored by a veteran home stager and an expert in the Toronto marketplace. Brian Stirling is one of the Lenzr Judges in this month’s photo contests.

Research and experiment; get to know your subject in portraiture

Great portraits distinguish themselves by the fact that they distill down into one picture the essence of the subject’s personality. It’s the sole responsibility of the photographer to bring the whole personality in the face and the body of the subject. One way to do it, is to talk. Talk with the person while preparing a shot. Ask questions about his life, his preferences, his job etc. Go on discussing while you arrange the light, while you put in your film, and finally while you take the shots.

Up Against The Wall, Sony Laptop, wall systems, Don’t make a speech. Ask questions, and show your genuine interest in the person your taking a picture trough carefully listening to the answers.

The reality of the Up Against The Wall photo contest is that you have to concentrate your storytelling power on the subject in the foreground – the background will be a neutral element, a wall made of stone or bricks or concrete. With lighting you can add dimension to wall systems – show the cracks in the concrete or the paint peeling off the wood panels and wainscoting.

Juxtapose ideas outside the box

marriage counselor sponsors the Unlikely Marriage photo contest on LenzrFinally when you have good skills as a photographer its easier to actualize good ideas. One of the best ways to tell stories in pictures is to contrast ideas.

Here’s the hardest photo challenge in February Lenzr matches that nicely illustrates the principle of juxtaposition. An Unlikely Marriage requires photographers think about the elements of their images. Can you put two polar opposites and make people pause and question their union? The prize is an Apple iPad courtesy of a wise marriage counselor that dispenses relationship advice and couples therapy from a cozy location on Queen St West in Toronto.

All nine Lenzr contests open on Feb 1st and voting begins March 15th 2011. The contests close on March 25th 2011 after ten days of voting to determine a top ten ranking in each category. The new Panel of Judges will determine the best picture in each category, and the winners are to be announced on April 1st 2011. Contests open to all Canadian age 13 yrs and older, so get your cameras out and go a Lenzr photo scavenger hunt for self improvement today.

The Montessori Experience

Choosing a school for your child can be a difficult one. There are so many options and becoming informed of the types of educational methods will allow you to make the right choice for your child.

Montessori has been around for years and is experiencing an increase in interest. A lot of parents ask the simple question “what is Montessori education?” Well, it’s a holistic approach to education which focuses on strengthening all of the senses. It is a well structured classroom system where children are placed together based on their developmental stages so that they all live up to their inner potential .

The most popular Montessori school consists of the primary class which has children 3-6 years of age. The class is set up so that the children are allowed freedom to move and yet learn within the structure of the classroom environment. Children between the age of 0-6 years of age are considered to be in the ‘absorbent mind’ stage. They soak everything up within their surrounding through all of the senses. The term ‘sponges’ is a good description.

Children need freedom within limits. The opportunity to make decisions based on choices. Sometimes people don’t grasp this concept until they are in adulthood, and some rare individuals never. In the real world, we might not like the choices that are available to us and the consequences. However, we do have the ability to choose what we want to do with our lives or who we want to become. Montessori education focuses on giving children choices and directing them along the way. There are proven studies, and a sense of trust, that we all have the innate desire to learn and progress forward at our own speed.

The classroom works on life skills, social skills, sensory, language, music, geography, culture, mathematics, practical life, and self discipline. According to the Montessori method learning takes place when there is an interest involved. This interest may be expressed in various ways depending on the individual. The role of the Directress/Teacher is to make a careful non objective observation on a consistent basis. Our needs and interests are constantly evolving. Often we desire repetition until we are ready or feel it’s time to move on. The age mixture in one class has many benefits including the more experienced children gain confidence in giving lessons to the younger children.

Montessori education varies from school to school. There are different types of schools and anyone can use the name Montessori.

Dr. Montessori was the first female to become a physician in Italy in 1897. She began to research and develop this pedagogy in 1907. She opened the first ‘Casa dei Bambini’ which is Italian for ‘House of Children’. However, Maria Montessori and her family never patented the name ‘Montessori’. Beware, anyone can use the name for their school or daycare, but the true pedagogy is called
Montessori Association Internationale
, which is AMI accreditation . There are training programs all over the world. Some of the training programs take a lot from the authentic educational system and alter it to it their beliefs and needs.

The Montessori Material

Montessori education is unique due it’s classroom materials. It consists of practical life materials
which can consist of simple activities; such as, cutting paper, folding, pouring water, locks and keys, or sewing on a button. This group of materials focuses on hand and eye coordination and making
practical life activities attractive and fun. The sensorial materials are extremely unique to education. They have a natural order of progression and can be used in various ways. The pink
tower, binomial cube, and geometric shapes excite sensory exploration within the children. The mathematical and language materials speak for themselves and also involve movement and move
from the concrete to the more abstract.

The Benefits of Montessori

Montessori is a method of schooling that focuses on personal development rather than exams. Scientists have found that it produces more mature, creative and socially adept children. Having gone through the traditional school system, and being trained as an Internationally trained Montessori Directress, I have experienced the difference in methods. If you have a couple hours of time, you can find an authentic Montessori school (AMI) and schedule an observation. You will be asked to sit quietly, and become a fly on the wall. Previous to my training, this is where during my observation, I feel in love with the Montessori method. The children were busy working away at their activities independently. There was a natural humming of interaction in the room. The noise level did not get out of control. There was large amount of self control for such little people. Most of all the classroom Directress was not necessarily teaching, but quietly observing children and gracefully moving around giving gentle guidance to all of the children. Researching online is another option worthwhile because there are many benefits to Montessori Education. I suggest you explore the educational methods out there to determine if they fit with your goals for educating your child.

Teach Your Kids About Beauty With Lenzr’s Photography Contests

We’re often told that it’s not the destination, but the journey. Teach your kids how to find beauty in the unexpected, and it can prove to be an invaluable lesson for them.

Growing up, one of the greatest things that my own dad has taught me is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As the son of a beekeeper, it would always amaze me how perfectly organized the beehive was. The design of the hive comprised of perfectly engineered six-sided cells, created by the bees’ own wax. To me, that was impressive, and  this process of producing honey was far more beautiful than the finished product itself.

Though I’m not suggesting you to take your kids all the way to a bee farm to teach them about beauty and appreciation, I am suggesting that you improvise with a little creativity and a camera. Lenzr’s three new photocontests can help you teach your kids a thing or two about finding beauty in the unexpected.

Lenzr's Photo Contest: Broken Factories for Solarsoft ERP software, Making It Beautiful by Aveda Beauty School, Canadian Beaches for Bathing Belle designer swimwear

Making It Beautiful: Beauty as a Process

Making It BeautifulLenzr’s Making It Beautiful contest focuses on what it takes to make something beautiful. How is beauty created, enhanced, and reflected? Ask your kids what the same question, and have them capture it in a snapshot. Show them that there are many steps that artists make in order to create their works of art. Once they learn that beauty is a process, they’ll be sure to appreciate it that much more. Submit that photo to the contest website, and you could win $500 worth of hairstyling products from a beauty school.

Broken Factories: Beauty in Imperfections

Abandoned Factory Ruins For a NetbookBeauty can also be found in unexpected things. The Broken Factories photocontest tries to find beauty in the unexpected, the forgotten buildings and abandoned warehouses, and to bring them back into the light. See that crumbling building with the peeling paint? The boarded up windows and the slanted roof? These buildings, though abandoned, have countless imperfections but that’s precisely what gives them character. They have stood the test of time and there’s surely something beautiful about the history intertwined with them. Take a few hours and tour Toronto’s many abandoned buildings with your children, and show them how to find beauty in flaws, imperfections, and the unexpected. Your photo could win you the contest’s grand prize of a Toshiba netbook courtesy of an ERP software developer.

Canadian Beaches: Diversifying Beauty

Canadian Beaches Lenzr Photo Contest - win designer swimwearAnother unexpected place to find beauty is in the beaches of Canada. Though Canada may not be the warmest climate especially during our low-season months, our diverse climate provides some interesting waterscape photography. Bundle up and take your kids to the beach, and take some pictures of our Canadian beaches. Try to illustrate that Canada’s beaches are just as diverse as our culture, and then submit your photo to Lenzr’s Canadian Beaches contest. You could win three pieces of designer swimwear, which I’m sure the wife would appreciate on top of the profound lesson on beauty you’ve taught your kids 🙂

All contests have already started but good news – you still have time. Voting starts December 20th and will continue until the contest ends at 12:01am on January 1st, 2011. Open to all Canadians (excluding residents of Quebec) 13 years of age or older.

Take your kids out for an impromptu lesson on photography, and teach them to appreciate the beauty in the unexpected. Good luck to all contest participants!