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Here’s where you will find all kinds of sound guidance, sage advice and helpful tips about money. How to get out of debt. How to save for your kids education, plan for the unexpected, finance major purchases or develop a financial strategy for your eventual retirement. For the entrepreneurs among us, useful ideas and practical advice on how you can save on taxes, get the most for your money on a group insurance plan for your business, or how to develop a succession plan.

We are incredibly fortunate to share with you the wisdom and insight of Jamie List, (CFP, CIM, FCSI, CLU, FMA, Ch.P) from Bearing Capital Partners in Toronto. Besides being a handsome and charming father of three young kids of his own, he is funny and an all around good guy. Jamie is one of those easy going people who is friendly, personable, extremely knowledgeable about finance and investing and very bright. He makes even the most complex financial matters seem suddenly easy to understand. He will even take your questions.

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