Education Savings

by JamieList

Pursuing higher education and a better life after High School is expensive. It just keeps getting harder and harder for students to make ends meet let alone pay for tuition, books, rent, groceries, transportation and incidentals. Will your kids be able to do it alone? Will you be in a position to help them? Seem like a long way off?

It will be here sooner than you think. If you want to give your kids the absolute best chance at success then you will need to be ready to help position them for success.

Here at HeadsUp Dad, we all know what the future has in store for us as caring parents of bright and healthy kids with tons of potential. To be ready, we have enlisted our own panel of financial experts to help us plan for a stable financial future for our kids while attending school with passion and a purpose, whatever that may be.

Be it tax sheltered savings plans, practical investment advice, money saving tips or frugal student budget planning, you are going to need all of the help you can get. RESP’s, student loans, government grants, sponsored loans, subsidies, scholarships and bursaries, we’ll reveal and discuss where the money is hiding. Come here for sound guidance, practical advice and proven strategies that will help you sock away the money you are going to need to put your kids through school. We’ll do our best to help you with ideas and strategies that will help your kids get a leg up and be able to focus on the job at hand, not worry about money.

Top shelf advice from Jamie List, managing partner at Bearing Capital Partners.

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