Because our daily lives are typically very busy, it is easy to sympathize and to understand how getting in shape and staying fit may have slipped to the back burner or deep down to the lower end of our priority list. Our hectic pace accelerates like a dragster out of the gates with the introduction of babies, kids and modern family life. At HeadsUp Dad, we totally get it. Be the person you want to be. Make it happen. Being busy is still no excuse for not making personal fitness a vitally important part of your life. In partnership with Shawna Hamilton, Personal Fitness Instructor, Trainer and all around healthy and vibrant gal, we are going to try and help you achieve that goal and be that guy you want to be. Lets introduce Shawna…


Shawna L. Hamilton, B.A.,BKin.,H.D
Personal Biography

Shawna exemplifies fitness. Her positive attitude and zest for life are her greatest attributes and have everything to do with her success as a respected and recognized trainer within the fitness industry. For over 14 years, Shawna has taken pride in consistently motivating and inspiring her loyal clientele as principal trainer at her own thriving mobile business specializing in private fitness training, nutrition counseling and natural medicine. Being formally educated in all three disciplines (Acadia University, York University and The Homeopathic College of Canada) Shawna is both well trained and exceptionally experienced to teach effective exercise programming, proper eating habits and complimentary medicine.

In her work and in her life, Shawna aims to promote the importance and enjoyment of health and fitness, as she believes wholeheartedly that living healthy is the best healthcare.

We are very lucky to have Shawna on board as Head Coach and Chief Personal Trainer at the Fitness Labs at HeadsUp Dad.

Rest assured, you’re in good hands my friends.

Here within the pages of the FitnessLab at Headsup Dad,  Shawna will be offering you expert opinions and advice about overall health and wellness, with a specific focus on physical fitness. In addition to the physical workout side of things, Shawna will aim to cover all aspects of health, including workout tips and tricks, diet and nutrition, vitamins, minerals and other supplements geared towards men’s health.

If its related to health and fitness, you’ll find it here at the Fitness Lab at HeadsUpDad.

If you have any questions or specific “trouble areas” that you have been trying to address, please feel free to post a comment or send us an e-mail.

We’ll do our best to respond to all of you in the pages here as time permits.

So what are you waiting for? Lets get started!

Head on down to the categories list in the sidebar menu below and click on FitnessLab. We are up and running today.


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