Coach’s Corner

by Richard Carmichael

Introducing Jerome Shore

Jerome Shore is the Managing Partner of The Coaching Clinic in Toronto. Founded in 1992 following a first career in executive management of advertising agencies, the Clinic’s mission is to help individuals and organizations survive and thrive in the modern workplace.

Jerome has been involved in the development of all the programs at the The Coaching Clinic and delivers workshops such as Marketing Your Professional Service, Getting Stress Hardy, Managing Yourself During Change, Leadership and Coaching Skills for Managers.

As an Executive Coach Jerome primarily works with clients around Business Development and Leadership Strategy. He has over the years worked with people from all walks of life and a variety of industries. His biggest clients are law firms, government, insurance, logistics, telecom and pharmaceutical.

As our very own HeadsUp Dad career and personal development Coach, think of Jerome as your personal mentor, motivator, personal coach and trusted advisor. Feel free to ask him questions about issues around career transition, personal advancement, professional development, leadership training and personal and/or Executive coaching.

Feel free to ask a question or post your comments after any of his posts, or contact Jerome by e-mail.

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