by Richard Carmichael

Everything you ever wanted to know about baby, stuff for kids, gear and gadgets but were afraid to ask.

Do I really have to drop a thousand bucks on a Bugaboo stroller? (hint… yes, give in on this one, we’ll tell you why and save you a lot of energy uselessly wasted on arguments).

I thought this would never happen to me (otherwise known as Uh Oh… third kid on the way, I have to buy a minivan—Yikes!) How to make the best and most informed decision so at least I don’t feel so bad about being lumped into that mini-van driving kind of guy category. What am I going to do? What to buy? How to save face.

Diapers or Pullups? Pampers or Huggies? Plastic or glass baby bottles?

Breast Milk or Formula?

We are only skimming the surface here. If you are about to become a Dad, there are a million things you are going to need to know. We can save you a lot of heart ache and despair, give you the answers you need and the confidence to go boldly forward.

If you have any questions, concerns or fears that you want us to help you with, we are here for you buddy, just ask. Post your questions and comments here.

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