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Lenzr Celebrates 50 Year Old Dads In Time For Father’s Day

The 50 Going On 15 photo contest on Lenzr is set to collect, display and eventually grade a wide selection of photos of people, mostly men over 50 years old doing outrageous things like they were still teenagers. Is your father or anyone you know between the age of fifty and sixty years old? Do you have shots of your Dad acting crazy at a family BBQ? Or doing some rather risky extreme sports? Or just laughing and behaving like a kid? There are lots of great images already on display in this healthy online competition.

Is your Dad crazy? does he act like a teenager? Get chocolateThe pictures don’t have to be over-the-top, but they should be considered ‘outrageous’, and each image should tell a little story, especially when compounded with relevant text in a compelling 140 character caption.

Get creative with this challenge and win a huge amount of chocolate!

The prize is over 50 lbs of pure dark chocolate and that substance is also something every Dad appreciates – this is a lifetime supply for some lucky, and probably very popular local photographer.

Remember on Lenzr the membership picks the winning images by voting and commenting on other people’s pictures – you cannot vote for your own work, and yet you can only get to cast powerful ‘registered votes’ by uploaded an image.  It’s this kooky ritual that makes Lenzr popular.

Also available this month is an escape for Mom and Dad.  Win a Las Vegas vacation for two people courtesy of this portable toilet rentals company in a queer little photo contest called Portable Luxury.