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Career Self-Reliance

Whether my clients have a job or not I like them to act like they are self-employed to maximize their inclination to take care of themselves. Here are some suggestions to make that happen.

Shine a light on what’s most important everyday.

If you’ve done your own critical thinking you’ve got specific goals, strategies and tactics in mind. It is really smart to know what the best use of your time and do some of that everyday.

It is often the case the best use of your time is something you find hard to do. For example, people who sell themselves for a living, like a consultant must be constantly reeling in new clients. That means that the best and most important use of their time is business development. For the most part business development is the starting and cultivating of relationships; networking, calling, following up, persistence.  Many people find that difficult so it must be focused on everyday or lots of time will pass with no investment.

Do you know the best use of your time, something you should be doing some of everyday? If you don’t I suggest you quickly have a meeting with yourself to figure it out. You can do it with a few easy steps. Begin by finding a quiet place where you can concentrate. All you need is a pen and few three by five cards to help you keep track of your thinking.  Sort your thinking into your 1] goals; the end states you wish to happen 2] strategies; the kinds of things that will get you there and 3] your tactics; the actions you have to take on a regular basis.

Once you’ve decided on your best tactic I suggest as often as possible do it first each day. Getting something important, that’s maybe distasteful, out of the way first thing in the day will provide you with a burst of energy. When your brain has to carry around the weight so a task undone, it is weighed down. That’s tiring and stressful. Better to just do it first.