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3 Fat traps to avoid on the job…

fat-traps to avoid on the job

Don't try this at work...

You may not believe it, but your job may be weighing you down.

Learn how to master these Fat Traps and you will thank yourself for it.

Hello Handsome!

I hope this post finds you and all of my favorite dads well and happy!

Maybe you guys have noticed that my previous posts all had something to do with acquiring fitness, debunking some common fitness myths, optimizing your health with vitamins and the better choices to optimize physical performance and endurance etc. But—what if I were to tell you that with all of your effort and positive results, the place where you easily spend 40 or more hours a week can potentially sabotage your mission to better health!  It’s a drag, but it’s the truth!

There are definitely some typical, every day habits that have become synonymous with the workplace, and I like to refer to them as “fat traps” because unless you are aware of them, the stubborn “final few” will always be hard to lose. So let’s break it down!

FAT TRAP #1: “The Java Jaunt”

We have to admit, that we live in a world of designer coffee! These snazzy coffees, not only cost us the equivalent of a small mortgage, but they hold the same value in calories too! Each drink packs 300-500 calories which adds up! Think of it this way, just 200 extra calories a day = 1400 extra calories a week and 5600 extra calories per month which is a gain of 1.5lbs. And that’s just from the coffee run let alone any other indulgences you may entertain. Note to self, switch to skim milk, downsize your cup, and skip the sugar and syrups! These efforts will go a long way. Coffee isn’t a bad thing per se, but you don’t need to dress it up!

FAT TRAP #2: “The Midday Snack Attack, aka Desk Dining”

Dining at a table for one most definitely instigates unconscious eating. Your mind is busy doing other things and you’re never really aware of how much you are actually eating. With deadlines, calls, emails, texts, a boss in a foul mood, all occurring while you are at your desk working, can spike your stress level. When that happens, access cortisol is released, the nasty hormone that makes you crave the wrong food and tells your brain to eat more! No matter what, eating at your desk can be bad news. What to do? Pack your lunch and try and eat it elsewhere and calmly, away from stress and distractions.

FAT TRAP #3: “The Food Court Nightmare”

Why is it that virtually every office tower is inundated with a vast array of fast food? I’ll make this fat trap easy and self explanatory. A Big Mac = 580 calories, A Whopper = 670 calories, A Taco Salad with the shell = 790 calories, French Fries = 500 calories and I haven’t even stated the fat content of each option! Guys, stay away! Subway, Freshii and Cultures are great in a pinch. Avoid all soda and drink lots of water with your meal! Your belt loops will thank you!

Stay in control by packing your lunch as often as you can. If there is a supermarket nearby, head there for a fresh salad, sandwich or homemade soup! Practice these fat trap tips, and you’re weight loss efforts will skyrocket! I look forward to reaching out to you next time with even more helpful health and fitness info!

In the meantime, train hard, eat smart and be happy!