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Take Advantage of Your Tipping Points

As we mature we pass through tipping points where a coin drops and we figure things out. If you can keep track of your tipping points you’ll probably discover that many of them are hints of what to do ‘more of’ and what to do ‘less of’. When we’re doing more of the right stuff and less of the wrong stuff we’re naturally going to be more focused on what works best for us.
So, say you want to focus on making more money and decide that your strategy will be learning and professional development.
Here’s one way:
Almost everyone watches too much TV. If you trade in TV watching time for success building activities you’ll prosper.
Step one:
Make a list of learning activities you can do on your own [e.g. reading, internet research, networking].
Step two:
Schedule to do one instead of watching a specific TV show. For example, I going to read one hour of Peter Drucker on Management instead of watching CSI Tuesday night.
Start slowly and add more over time. Overloading a new strategy often gets in the way.