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November Lenzr Lets Family Sharpen Photography Skills

There are many advantages to following @Lenzr on Twitter, and keeping abreast of the serial photo contest website that harnesses business marketing budgets to celebrate Canadian independent photographic arts.

Frugal Dads: Photo Contests Are Productive Exercises For Kids

photo contest for pvc trim, natural skin care, snow removal, icf, metal roof

boy camera, metal roof, pvc trim, insulated concrete panels, skin care, nature, snow removalEntering Lenzr photo contests as a family creates even more effective channels for winning prizes, and it kills boredom on a Saturday afternoon by providing a ‘mission’ to young people with new digital cameras.

Sparking passion for something creative is important, and it’s an especially good thing when there’s an Apple iPad offered up as reward. What’s even better is that Lenzr is 100%  community driven, so there’s no moderator interference in the voting.  All this means that having family and friends that are into photography, and ready to vote for your pictures, could be a real advantage.

strange backyard rodents and squirrels and other pests eat tar shingles on roofBe sure and tell us the names of the citizens that live in your backyard – too many photos are just not descriptive enough !

The Backyard Critters photo contest on Lenzr is fast becoming a huge archive of homemade Canadian wildlife pictures.Already there are deer swimming in lakes, and butterflies and all manner of birds and chipmunks and rodents that are slightly out of focus and make me wonder if in fact some young person did indeed snap and submit the image. That’s the challenge – to capture some form of intelligent life right in your own backyard.

Enter today and you could Win an iPad! courtesy of a metal roof installation contractor network – the company is one of the leading distributors of aluminum shingles in the world.  Dad’s are asked to remember that aluminum roofs cannot rust.

insulated concrete ideas forms economical building solutionCan your kids make concrete look beautiful?

The Concrete Ideas photo contest on Lenzr is perfect for preschoolers. Here’s a subject that cant run away on them . And how else can you make a cement abutment, bridge or sewer pipe interesting enough to occupy them for upwards of ten or twenty minutes?! Once again you could win an Apple iPad prize. The match comes courtesy of a superior insulated concrete forms building system that Dad should actually be aware of esp if he’s thinking about building a residential condominium complex, hospital, prison, school or shopping mall behind the house.

color house Lenzr photo contest for pvc trim manufacturerColourful Houses photo contest also rewards the Lenzr member that uploaded the highest rated photo with an Apple iPad, courtesy of a pvc trim manufacturer.

Water On Skin photo contest breaks the iPad trend by awarding the highest ranked image with $500 worth of Soya Boutique’s natural skin care products.

These wonderous substances are formulated from organic soy to address a variety of common skin conditions, such as sun exposure, acne, lines and wrinkles, rosacea, scars, eczema, blemishes, redness, and uneven texture and skin tone.

electric snowblower prize, snow removal, driveway, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa

Pets in Winter Coats is tailor made for kids with cameras. Now they actually have a reason to take pictures of their furry friends.

The sexy red snow blower opposite is for Dad. With this machine waiting in the garage Dad actually anticipates and relishes every snowfall.

Brought about by a snow removal company conscious of winter contracts these friendly guys service a large area east of Toronto specifically, Markham, Whitby, Pickering and Ajax and Oshawa.

All of these challenges were officially launched on Oct 1st, and voting begins on November 20th; these contests end Dec 1st when the highest ranked images are declared the winners. This contest is open to all residents of Canada, age 13 ys and older. Contests not vaild in Quebec.

Lenzr Photo Safari For Kids – 3 new photo contests for iPads

Challenge your kids with cool photography assignments!

A great activity that will engage their creative side, develop new skills and give them something fun to focus on this fall.

girl with camera on a photo safariVisit Lenzr.com and choose a photography assignment. Lenzr challenges people of all ages and skill levels to upload specific images for a safe and friendly web competition in exchange for real prizes. At Lenzr, the membership picks the winners—Its super fun and easy, just shoot, upload, share with friends and family, get the most people to vote for your photo and you will win an iPad.

Parents looking to engage their children with fun and creative play activities can map out a Lenzr photo safari. It is a great way to learn, have fun and make memories by shooting photos of cool stuff where ever you live. You or your kids could win a nice new iPad for getting the most votes in the photo contest.

This month’s photo safari starts with a trip to the rooftop deck – or any safe vantage point upon which a young person with a camera might capture a view of a distant rural horizon or urban cityscape.

Industrial, flat roof, repair company, Toronto, View From The Roof contest plate on Lenzr, The View From The Roof photo contest on Lenzr hopes to collect and archive many different landscapes from all across Canada. Most will be from a vantage point about thirty feet or so above ground. Some folks who live in apartment buildings in big cities will have a much higher view from the roof.

The Apple iPad prize was provided by a flat roof repair service that puts new white ToughRoof systems to work in the greater Toronto Area.  Dan Sheridan is a white roof  specialist and an expert at remodeling roofs into the perfect (all white = reflective) terrain for increased solar panel production.

Lenzr photo contest plate for portable solar power company, Morning Sunshine, Win an iPadWhich brings us to the second assignment in the weekend family photo safari. The Morning Sunshine photo contest is a little tricky only because it requires getting up really early and taking pictures in the special light that first burns off the morning mist. Its a magic hour thing.

Special thanks to Michael Reichmann, the Ontario photographer who donated this Sunrise_Barn photo from his Ontario photography gallery .  The contest sponsor is a portable solar power generator (PSG’s) design and manufacturing firm in southern Ontario. The Solarline Power, Mobile Solar Work Units are quiet, reliable and deliver clean renewable energy, more info about these solar trailers on the Lenzr blog.

People Building Things photo contest is third and although it has the least pictures right now, its our belief this challenge is the easiest to enter and win. Although it seems like a very specific topic, anything constructive will probably be accepted in the match.

This third iPad prize to be dispensed was purchased by a solar powered deck building company. The sponsors of this challenge use green building programs and clean energy to (quietly) cut lumber and make your backyard paradise. Submit pics of People Building Things and tell us the story behind each picture.

In all three contests, the registered member that uploads the highest ranked image will WIN AN iPad! Voting begins September 20th 2010 – the highest ranked photograph for each contest automatically wins this awesome prize when the Contest Closes on Oct 1st, 2010. Contest is open to all Canadians (must be 13yrs old or older), not valid in Quebec.

Good luck and happy shooting!Bookmark and Share