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115 things to do in New York with your kids

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I love New York.

I have promised my almost six year old daughter that I will take her on an adventure there some day soon. I love the idea of the two of us hanging out in Central Park, shopping just for fun in a marvellous toy store, but it occurred to me, what the heck would we do for three days? Not that New York is short of things to do, quite the contrary—for my daughter’s first trip to the big apple, I’d want to do it right. I do not know the city well enough to plan out a hectic schedule of events and activities that scratch the surface much deeper than the obvious— the Museums, Galleries, Theatre, ESB, SoL, Staten Island Ferry and the usual tourist traps. I know that these things are all here, and that the best things are always free and that the locals would be the best bet for advice on all of the best things to do with a six year old, but if you only know a handful of people, most of them artists diplomats, actors and musicians—and none of them have kids, you may have a tough time getting any useful advice out of them, unless you were looking for a cool place to hang out at 3am. Pretty sure that is not the kind of advice I need for this trip.

Where do I get the best cupcakes? Where do we go shopping for little girls clothes, shoes, fun stuff that doesn’t need to cost a lot? Children’s Theatre? Music? Toy Stores? Book shops? Activities for kids? Kid friendly hotels and restaurants? The list goes on and on? Help!

I stumbled into a great Facebook group today that turned out to be a bit of a gold mine of great things you can do in New York, as seen by the cool and groovy people who live there. Even better, for those of us who want to stimulate our kids with a sense of awe and adventure on a big city trip to New York, they had a section just for us. I thought you might be interested too, so here I thought I might share it with you.

WTH do you do with kids during the winter????

and just for good measure, I’ll add a page from a mommy site that offers a Life List for Raising NYC Kids.: There has to be something good in here for you too.

100 things to do with your kids in NY before they grow up

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for spring. Nothing like New York city in April. I hope this inspires you to begin the process of designing a New York City family fun adventure of your own.

If you decide to go, don’t forget to check in and tell us all about it. We want to share your stories and photos.