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Help for those confronting terminal illness…


Hike for Hospice…

is a national awareness and fundraising event which supports local and community Hospice and Palliative Care organizations from coast to coast. The exceptional thing about this fundraiser is that because this specialized care is delivered to those in need by teams of highly trained volunteers, 100% of all funds that are raised in this event go directly towards this fabulous cause and stay in your local community.

What is Hospice?

When you can not add more days to the end of someone’s life, why not try to add some life to the days that they have left?

Doctors, nurses, teams of specialists look after diagnosing the disease, managing the symptoms and trying to find the cure, but what if there is no cure? If the diagnosis is terminal, and the pain and suffering goes on until the end, how do you cope until then? Caring for an ill person is both a rewarding and a difficult and draining experience – emotionally and physically. In addition to providing a “friendly ear” to caregivers, having a hospice volunteer in the home also means that caregivers can take some time off and take care of themselves.

Most people think that helping a “terminal” patient is about death and dying, this is only one way to look at it. While death is in the cards, Hospice and Palliative Care work is about helping people live the fullest, most comfortable and stable life until the end, and at the end, dying with dignity. It is also about making the most of the time you have left.

Providing emotional support to both clients and their family members is central to everything that hospice does. This support includes supporting every family member in a way that responds to their particular needs. It also includes encouraging clients to take active roles in their own care, acting as an advocate by ensuring the clients’ wishes are respected and discussing illness openly with the entire family and with the client.

Hospice and Palliative Care is delivered by Volunteers

Hospice organizations across Canada train special volunteers to provide relief and facilitate access to compassionate care for people with life threatening illnesses. It is all about improving the quality of life for individuals and families confronting terminal  illness by providing and facilitating access to quality care and support that is not provided by the medical profession.

Hospice organizations like Hospice Toronto support individuals and families through Volunteer Visiting Services, Caregiver & Bereavement Support, Expressive Arts, Kit for Kids programs, and through Advocacy and Consultation Services.

Hike for Hospice

This weekend, me and my 3 very young kids will be hiking 5km through the urban jungle to raise money for Hospice and Palliative Care.

These are much needed funds as hospice and palliative care is not fully funded by the government—it relies on its teams of dedicated Volunteers and the generosity of people like you who support its work financially through private donation.

$25, $50 or $100 goes a long way to support the families of people suffering with a terminal illness. The more you give, the more volunteers we can train, the more families we can support in communities all across Canada.

Can you help us by donating a few dollars to support Hospice and Palliative Care in your community?

Anything you can do to help us raise awareness or donate today to help us raise money and deliver more care would be greatly appreciated.