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Photographing Kids in Action Contest by Toronto Dentist

In my experience the best pictures of kids come several hours after they first see the camera.  They have to get used to it – and get bored of it. The first awkwardly posed pictures soon give way to pics with bunny rabbits and or a favourite stuffed animal or toy. That genre yields to cliche pictures of kids on bikes and tricycles, and then finally after everyone forgets about the camera its possible to get candid expressions and unusual actions, and even better, unusual reactions.

Kids in Action photo contest on Lenzr sponsored by Toronto dentist Dr Natalie ArcherKids in Action is a photo contest on Lenzr that gives both amateur and professional photographers a wide veneer on a deep subject. Every kid is in action and the prize is a high quality NiteWhite teeth whitening system that’s quite unique in that its an advanced enamel bleaching product that’s usually only available at a dental office because it requires skilled workers to make the custom molds by filling bite sized metal trays with fast drying resin necessary in making an impression of the whole mouth.
Sponsored by a Toronto dentist, the challenge is designed to bridge the crown connection between healthy teeth at the root of healthy kids. The contest asks for pictures fresh from scrapbooks that show junior doing something awesome.  The younger the better, as a photographer, can you capture that moment of excellence that parents will cherish forever?
Nite White teeth whitening Toronto dentist Dr Natalie Archer WIN dental supplies for an entire year PLUS the NiteWhite whitening trays. If the member is from out of province then we’ll ship the prize PLUS extra tooth floss and toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash.
In other contests on Lenzr, The Wine Ladies are promoting their wine blog with a Best Gourmet Food photo contest, and a lean manufacturing software manufacturer provider is giving away a wireless headset for the highest rated entry in Everyday Tangled Web photo contest.  These challenges will come to their conclusion on March 1st 2010. Good Luck.