The times they are a changing…

by Richard Carmichael

Greetings friends, Fathers and those of you who are caring for children!

Welcome to HeadsUp Dad, the next generation parenting community designed specifically for Highly Engaged and Active Dads.

Traditional Family dynamics have been changing over the years— so much so that modern Dads are wearing many hats and increasingly evolving in their roles from traditional hunters and gatherers to become nurturers, caregivers, primary support workers, cooks, cleaners, shuttlebus drivers, psycho-therapists, guidance counsellors and still, excel in a successful and rewarding career. Where do we find the time?

HeadsUp Dad was created to tap into the power of community. To address the myriad of challenges facing the modern parent—specifically to help fathers come together to rise to the challenge of being not just kind, caring and effective partners and parents, but to become active and engaged citizens of the world and good role models for not only our own kids, but also for our communities at large.

The goal with HeadsUp Dad is to reach out, touch and engage with as many fathers and families as possible, to foster a spirit of community, camaraderie and support and to empower the community with a sense of purpose and the power to affect positive change.

Over the next several months, much is planned. Please bear with us while we work to iron out the kinks and get the new site up and running. It is going to take some time, but hey, Rome was not built in a day. In the mean time, if you have any friends or family who have just become a Dad, are about to become a Dad or have been one for years, give them a nudge and let them know we are here. The more of us that are here, that become a part of and engage with this community, the healthier and more inclusive this community becomes.

By joining us on this adventure, you and I are building a community of like minded individuals, banding together to support, inform and empower Dads everywhere to learn, grow and become the best Fathers, partners, husbands, and global citizens we can be.

We look forward to having you on board. Please bear with us as we iron out the kinks.


Richard Carmichael

PS, if you have any questions or topics of interest that you would like to see us cover in an upcoming issue of HeadsUp, please feel free to send us an e-mail.

Otherwise, please sign up to receive our newsletter (don’t worry—we respect your privacy and promise we won’t share your e-mail address with anyone). We will keep you in the loop and let you know when things get rolling! In the mean time, It takes a village to raise a child. If you know of anyone else that might be interested in receiving this newsletter, please mail them the link to the HeadsUp Dad newsletter signup or the HeadsUp Dad Facebook Group and encourage them to sign up there too.

Cheers! R.D.C.

I challenge you to do your part and pass the word. Talk about us on your blog, post a link on your Facebook profile, send us up on Twitter, pass along a link to your pals. You’ll be helping somebody, somewhere.

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