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Kids Love Riding Horses, and Dads Should Too!

Equestrian families know riding and caring for horses can be good motivation for getting kids outside and into something other than video games and bad music. Horses raise the bar, and ennoble kids’ outdoor adventures.  Grooming and caring for horses while practicing riding can be a good way to help kids defeat obesity, set goals, learn proper nutrition as they master horse-person ship to build confidence in and out of the ring.

Horse riding students

Kids, especially preteen girls dream about horses day and night, and they doodle these animals in their sketchbooks. Horses are in our nation’s blood. Canada has wild horses and our culture is filled with equestrian myths and ceremonies, like the Sable Island Horses and the RCMP Musical Ride. These creatures are magical to our children, even more magical than they are to the rest of us. Horses make wonderful childhood companions. Children are naturally attracted to them, and that makes horses great bait for boisterous boys and girls and reason enough to spend the day outside at the stables.

The cast of Heartland on CBC reminds us every week of the quality of life on a horse farm. The drama that perplex these characters fascinate our teenage children. One of the most compelling aspects of the character driven show are insights into Alberta regional horse competitions, and the way the horse people desire the glory of performing and winning trophies at these events.  As our children watch these young people perform and achieve their dreams, it motivates them to seek glory in their own endeavours, be that horses or performing arts, mathematics, creative writing; CBC Heartland is a model that encourages teens to seek excellence in any discipline.

Boy gets riding lessons indoors at riding academy

Children riding horses also come to understand and participate in the many activities involved in caring for a horse,. grooming, hefting buckets and saddles, and cleaning stalls. This  can make for a great upper-body workout as children learn how important good diet, veterinary check-ups, dental work, and regular exercise are to a horse. It may just cause them to consider their own health needs, and the disadvantages of choosing improper feed for their own bodies.

Horses are Huge in Every Child’s Eyes

Learning to ride and care for an animal that’s twice their size can really empower children.  The horse trainer turn riding instructor is primarily a human trainer who can boost the confidence of their young riders through encouragement and compliments, highlighting areas where they’re gaining new skills and rewarding them for showing improvement.

At the end of most six or eight week riding lesson packages there’s usually an option to compete in a horse show which formalizes the training and is a real gauge of proficiency. But competing in public doesn’t necessarily mean entering into formal competitions. For students taking riding lessons there are a dozen challenges everyday, and each horse is both partner and judge. The riding instructor is the facilitator and trainer – the best riding instructors plant goals in their – finality

But when competing the risks and rewards are doubled. The value of perseverance and dogged determination, hard work, the rewards of empathy, how to deal with disappointment and losing, while also experiencing the sweet taste of success are all aspects that come into play.girl poses on horse in riding academy

Our Child has a Pony and Friends at the Riding Club

Sometimes our child is just happy brushing his pony or helping to muck out, and that’s okay. Other days he’ll ask for a ride and we hope his confidence continues to grow. He’s made a good friend in his pony.

New environments are a great way to help them make friends. Riding can lead to social-life benefits and meeting new people that could develop into life-long friends.

2006 Research from American Youth Horse Council uncovered a significant positive relationship between horse skills and life skills development.

Sponsored by the American Youth Horse Council, the research found that equestrian activities do indeed enhance a range of life skills in children. The study looked at youngsters involved in 4-H, Pony Club, the American Quarter Horse Youth Association, and the National High School Rodeo Association.

Results of the study, published in February 2006, found a significant positive relationship between horsemanship skills and life skills.  A sample of 982 youth between the ages of twelve and eighteen, all active in the above youth equine organizations, found that handling, riding, and caring for a horse or pony can develop a host of positive traits in a child, including responsibility, accountability, patience, levelheadedness, empathy, kindness, and self-discipline.

When the whole family gets involved, the time spent together with horses can enhance the bond among family members and become the stuff of treasured childhood memories. Moreover, the benefits of horse involvement are enduring, as a child’s “horse habit” can evolve into a rewarding lifelong hobby.










oakville custom home builder

What I Learned Making DIY Backyard Ice Rink

“This isn’t the first time I’ve made a backyard ice rink on my property”, says Keith Travers Eastview Homes, Oakville area contractor, “we’re a hockey family.”

Its a breathtaking accomplishment. As I came through the back of Keith’s suburban bungalow, I spotted the attraction in the backyard. Behold twelve hundred square feet of ice, six inches thick, rimmed with plywood boards.

Keith Travers in his D.I.Y. backyard ice rink in Toronto

Proud of his accomplishment, Keith boasted “You’ve got to come back in the evening when its all lit up and we have all the neighbour kids over playing hockey, and free skating”. He pointed out the mercury vapour lamps (same as in the local arena but smaller) that he has affixed to poles on the perimeter.

“Next year I’m gonna add some benches on both sides.” Keith says, “That’s one thing I learned. There’s always a crowd here by the steps.”

Keith’s backyard is perfect because the contractor made it that way; the area was specially leveled and landscaped and all the small trees were removed when he first bought the property a few years ago.

The rink boards were cut last year. They’re 4×8 plywood sheets ripped lengthwise into eight foot long boards. Keith could have used cheaper materials, particle board OSB, but he had some 3/4 inch plywood left over from a job and he knew the ice rink was a project he’d be repeating for years to come. The braces, two on each board, are more perishable; they’re made from salvage cut from old pallets and other bits of scrap wood.

Keith learned last year to run the hydro for the lights first- the power cords are safe from sharp skates under snow and ice, right on the ground. Keith also evolved a sound system this winter; he has two small stereo speakers plugged into a radio in the kitchen.

TIMELINE of a backyard ice rink – first you clear the area and run power for lights and put up the boards.

“I leave the grass long in the fall in case we get a good snowfall, and I can do the snow pack method to save the liner.’ There are two methods of making a liner. First, if there’s a lot of snow the you can use the snow pack method, which involves tramping down the snow with your boots until its hard packed and will hold the water.

Or you can buy some very large sheets of thin plastic and fashion your own pool liner or in this case a ‘rink liner’. Painters’ drop sheets are too thin and the wrong size. They won’t work unless you can figure out how to bind them together with duct tape to create a watertight surface. The thicker the plastic, the easier the tape applies, right up until the plastic is too thick.

The hardest part for Keith this year was just waiting for the ground to freeze as the weather by the lake is so variable.

It wasn’t until late December before Keith had the courage to call the water truck service. He ordered three thousand gallons of water to make a six inch slab, and if readers are seeking to replicate this rink they can use this handy pool volume calculator to calculate their own needs. Keith learned last year that six inches is the ideal (or most efficient) ice thickness to avoid pressure cracks and create an immovable solid ice mass.

pool volume calculator



Safety is always top-of-mind when making a kid friendly backyard attraction.

Keith has evolved a more kid-friendly ice rink this year even though he claims his rink is entirely injury free. Despite the flawless safety record, or maybe to help ensure it continues, the building contractor took the time to eliminate protruding stakes and sharp edges that can cause more harm to anyone slipping, losing their balance and falling. The wooden perimeter rises about a foot above the ice surface and this year the corners and top edges are smoother and all the stakes have been hammered down flush with the top of the boards.

And finally, lets not forget, ice rink makers have to think ahead to the spring melt. Where is all that water going to go? Keith runs a line to his neighbour’s in-ground swimming pool, which is right next door and downhill. He made a deal with this friend after concerns were raised that the melting ice rink could otherwise flood both their basements.

Keith Travers – DIY Ice Rink in backyard.

Does having a property with a big backyard improve the quality of life for a young family in the summer and in wintertime? Absolutely.



8 Super Cool Summer Camp Ideas for Creative kids:

design camp for Kids at the DX in Toronto

Design Camp at the Design Exchange (Dx) in Toronto

Every year as parents we scramble to find interesting stuff to engage our kids with over the summer holidays. For the lucky ones, its the trek to the cottage, for others it is a week or two away from the heat of the city up North attending a luxe summer camp at Camp Ooochi Goochi in Cottage country. For the rest of us, who may be lucky to get a week or two away from the office, we have to find some good stuff for our kids to do so they can have some fun and unique experiences to help them learn, grow as individuals and maybe even make some new friends.

Here in Toronto, everywhere in Ontario, right across Canada, all over the United States, and in practically every major urban centre all over the developed world, there are a ton of great options out there. Everything from sailing, swimming, music camps, art camps, drama camps, dance camps, science camps, math camps (seriously—isn’t summer holidays supposed to be fun?) and even the YMCA offers summer day camps for that perfect mix of everything a kid could ever want to do in a week or two. It is important to get your kids engaged in a summer camp if you can swing it. It is an excellent opportunity to get off the couch, away from the computers and video games, out of the house, out of your hair and into something new. A wonderful time to learn a new skill, meet new friends, gain some independance and try something completely different than the every day routine throughout the school year.

I hope to showcase over the next few weeks a random sampling of some of the excellent options available to parents with kids of all ages. If you have not made plans yet, you might be running out of time, so you may want to get right on it before it is too late. Many camps sell out fast and you don’t want to be the Dumb Ass Dad that has to break it to your kids that they won’t be going to camp this year because you left it to the last possible minute and everything is sold out.

While summer camp conjures up traditional images of campfires, tents, arts and crafts, canoe trips and the like, today we are going to focus on some of the more unique urban adventures that many kids would really enjoy, if only their parents knew they were out there. With so many options here in this great city, it is difficult to choose just one, so I am going to focus on one super cool summer camp that my 6 year old daughter attended in Toronto last year. She and her girlfriends absolutely loved it. So much so that we are doing it again this year and want to share it with you. We think your kids would love it and so if you live and work in Toronto, and are looking for a great summer camp idea for your kids, be sure to check this one out.

Design Camp is a real gem that is conveniently located right downtown. Hosted by the Design Exchange, the facility is situated at the base of the TD Financial towers on the ground floor of the old Toronto Stock Exchange. If you work in the downtown core, and even if you don’t, they make it really easy for you to pick up and drop off the kids right out front without even having to get out of the car which is a big plus in the morning when you are battling traffic to get to work on time.

design camp for Kids at the DX in Toronto

Projects at Design Camp are very hands-on and creative

Design Camp at the DX in Toronto is an amazing summer camp experience available to kids between the ages of 6 and 14. If you are lucky enough to live in Toronto and commute  to work every day downtown, this might be just right for you. There are at least 8 or 10 different camps held here every summer and each camp is offered at one or two separate time slots—you should be able to find at least one designed to fit your kid’s interest and your summer holiday schedule.

All projects are very hands-on and creative, using top quality materials. Each camp session generally goes on one field trip to a local design studio or other related site and will also be visited here at the DX by a guest speaker (dependent on scheduling).  These are both great opportunities for campers to meet real working designers and ask them questions. This list is by no means complete. There are more offered than I have listed here including Jewellery Design, Creatures and Comics and a bunch of other unique and original summer camp ideas all based around kids and design. If you are interested in seeing the complete list, as well as time and dates each of these are available, check out the DX Summer Camp website for further details.

Rock Star – ages 7 to 9 SOLD OUT!
Young designers will learn how to create band t-shirts, album covers and rock star accessories for their ultra-hip, fictitious music group, as well as film rock star interviews for DX TV.  We will also have a chance to meet a cool local designer and talk about design careers in the music industry. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I am really sorry that I missed this one for my kids this year. They would have loved it. It is now sold out.I am telling you this now so you can bookmark to remind yourself to get in early and pay for next year so you don’t miss it.

Fashion Basics – ages 10 to 12
The basics of illustration, patterns, and stitching will be covered in this camp, through hands-on projects that will include an a-line skirt, fashion tote, and a host of accessories.  An opportunity to meet a local designer and visit a working studio will also be included in this exciting week.

Retro Cool – ages 10 to 12
This blast-from-the-past design camp will look at some iconic pieces from yesterday as inspiration for super cool designs today!  Projects include terrariums, groovy lamps, old-school radios and much more!

Fashion TV – ages 10 to 12
This exciting week will focus on fashion for TV and film, including costumes and red-carpet glamour.  Participants will design and construct a garment inspired by their favorite TV personality and create a short segment for DX Fashion TV.

Superstructures – ages 8 to 10
From buildings to bridges and boats, participants will learn what it takes to design these amazing structures while building and testing their own models.  Campers will meet a Superstructure designer and visit some local marvels for inspiration.

Dine Design – ages 7 to 9
In today’s world of celebrity chefs, restaurant design is big business.  Young designers will create their own mock-bistro, from the graphics on the menu to the décor and layout of the space.  A visit to a local restaurant and a chat with the designer will round out the week.

Costume Design – ages 12 to 14
Working with the Drama + Design camp, participants will be the official wardrobe designers and work directly with the Canadian Stage crew and the cast to develop costume designs and then see them through construction and onto the stage.  We will meet with a visiting costume designer to hear about careers in this exciting field.

Drama + Design – ages 7 to 14
In partnership with The Canadian Stage Company, participants in this one-week camp will develop a performance, from staging to costumes, props, sets and makeup.  All enrolled campers will be treated to a performance on the Wednesday evening of the camp, for themselves and their parents to attend the Canadian Stage TD Dream in High Park, including a backstage tour.  Participants will perform their masterpiece for family and friends on Friday July 8th.

Design Camp at the DX in toronto

Learn something new, meet new friends and have a great time!

Where is the Design Exchange located?
The DX is located in the historic former Toronto Stock Exchange building at 234 Bay Street.  The building is situated on the west side of Bay Street, between King and Wellington.

When does Camp start?
Summer camps run for one week commencing July 4, 2011 and running right through until August 26, 2011. Please check the calendar for specific dates for each program.

What are the hours for Design Camp?
Camp activities run from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm each day. They offer complimentary before-care beginning at 8.30 am and After-care from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm each day.  After-care is an additional $10.00 per day.

Who are the Design Camp instructors?
The Design Exchange hires post-secondary students studying design, who have at least 2 years experience teaching and working with children, who are CPR and First Aid certified and who have passed a criminal record check.  In addition, they also recruit student volunteers that have a passion for design, have experience working with children and have First Aid training to support the day to day delivery of the programs throughout the summer.

Please refer to the Design Exchange DX FAQ website for more information or contact the camp director, Katie Weber at 416.216.2138 or katie[at] She’s lovely and amazing and she is only too happy to help.

Do you have any amazing Summer Camp experiences or recommendations you would like to share with us?

Post a comment or get in touch!

Fresh Photo Safari on Lenzr in February

Once again Lenzr photo contests are the perfect canvas for kids to get creative on otherwise boring Saturday afternoons in the middle of winter. Armed with a smart phone or digital camera, this website provides a ready made adventure for kids or anyone interested in improving their photography skills – collecting these pictures becomes a powerful photo scavenger hunt. Kids with cameras need a mandate and this website programs their minds in a mission to make memories.

Nine contests on Lenzr for a variety of sponsors including swimming pools, Ontario microFit, dance class, rigid foam insulation, marriage counselor, home stager, manufacturing software, patio furniture

There are nine challenges on the photo contest website this month and the competitions end on march 25th when the top ten user ranked images are judged, and the best photo in each contest is selected as the winner.

Each Lenzr Contest is a Unique Photography Exercise

The contests have a lot to teach both amateur and professional photographers.

boy in swimming pool, contest plate for Lenzr reflections in poolsThe Lenzr photo contest Reflections in Pools is all about positioning. The cameraman must be aware of how to maximize a glittering reflection and how to capture the best shimmer and image as its reflected from the source. The prize is an Olympus STYLUS TOUGH-8800 underwater camera that any kid would love to have and use in the swimming pool at home or school. How does the reflection change our perception of the subject?

rigid foam insulation sponsor Lenzr soap foam and bubbles photo contestStill working with water, add some detergent and focus your camera on foam and bubbles. The physics of soap bubbles is amazing. Get close. Can you capture the majesty of the moment – soap bubbles don’t last very long.

The Soapy Foam and Bubbles photo contest yields a Sony laptop the the best photo courtesy of SilveRboard rigid foam insulation at which if you look close you can see is filled with millions of tiny bubbles wrapped in aluminum foil.

Long lenses capture beauty, wide angle lenses capture emotions.

Long lenses are designed for portraits, sports and nature photography. The first leg of the photo safari demonstrated how to make pictures more impressive by perfect positioning and getting close – those lessons were learned in shooting reflections and soap bubbles. Now let’s back away from the subject and still try and contain the same amount of details.

Beautiful Factories, manufacturing software, Apple iPad, Lenzr photo contest

Put a wide lens on your camera (below 50mm) and this will force you to get into the action, and most likely your pictures will gain depth, details and emotions. Don’t hesitate to approach your main subject by less than 1.5m (5 feet). Sometimes the best pictures are up close and personal and full of lots of little details in the background.

Take a moment and read up a very famous picture of war photographer James Nachtwey, who would take pictures of soldiers with wide angle lenses while lying in their midst as they fought battles.

Can you get wide angle shots of Beautiful Factories full of dynamic details? Show off the intricate ionnovations of modern industrial centers, meat processing plants, chemical refineries, warehouses, shipping and receiving centers and even data storage terminals. The prize is an Apple ipad courtesy of this manufacturing software maker in Richmond Hill Ontario.

patio furniture on Lenzr is much coveted The Best Patio in Canada photo contest is also best accomplished with a wide angle lens, outside in the sun. Here there’s an emphasis on collecting an interesting horizon of some unique scenery or cityscape and patio furniture outdoor entertainment and people of course – puts lots of interesting characters in your pictures because people love to see people and search their faces and gestures for emotions – they seek the necessary clues to form opinions and build their own emotional response.

Ontario microFIT, sun money, portable solar power, SolarlineThe Making Green Power photo contest is a third and final candidate for wide angle photo scavengers. Once again its necessary to show how the green power is being made and this is best accomplished by showing off a lot of the setting – wind farms should be accompanied by long grass and trees branches blowing in the breeze – solar power is best highlighted against a sun baked horizon and of course algae ponds and wood pellet plants would be wide angles of the processing plants

The prize is an The Escape 150 solar power kit that will collect and store 150W / hr courtesy of a solar power installation company and their dedication the Ontario microFIT program and the green benefits of sun money passive income streams.

Make your picture tell a story

A good picture tells a story on its own, if you add all the elements of the story to your picture’s composition.

A good story will usually need some background information, therefore chose your spot (just like back when you were trying to capture that reflection) in a way, that important elements appear either next to the person or clearly visible in the background.

Sebastiao Salgado is a masterful storytelling photographer. Have a look at his work. Every single shot tells a story. You need no text, no caption to understand the essence of the picture.

people dancing in a dance class in the street, Marla Silva Taking pictures of people dancing is a terrific exercise for capturing human emotion. The People Dancing photo contest on Lenzr asks that you try and capture some sort of structured dance and these days that could be polka or waltz or swing or hip hop or jungle or even classical ballet. The prize in this contest is two pairs of professional dancing shoes from Marla Silva and her dancing classes in west Toronto.

The On Stage at Home photo contest concentrates storytelling skills as it asks photograpohers to take pictures of performances in kitchens, livingrooms, diningrooms, and garages – indoor photography for framing people performing in front of audiences and

picture- the photo contest rewards the best image with a large animal skin rug – it looks like a zebra buiut you can get cow or elk or buffalo of whatever you most desire to decorate the cement floors of a condominium or the wood floors of a warehouse lofe. This contest is sponsored by a veteran home stager and an expert in the Toronto marketplace. Brian Stirling is one of the Lenzr Judges in this month’s photo contests.

Research and experiment; get to know your subject in portraiture

Great portraits distinguish themselves by the fact that they distill down into one picture the essence of the subject’s personality. It’s the sole responsibility of the photographer to bring the whole personality in the face and the body of the subject. One way to do it, is to talk. Talk with the person while preparing a shot. Ask questions about his life, his preferences, his job etc. Go on discussing while you arrange the light, while you put in your film, and finally while you take the shots.

Up Against The Wall, Sony Laptop, wall systems, Don’t make a speech. Ask questions, and show your genuine interest in the person your taking a picture trough carefully listening to the answers.

The reality of the Up Against The Wall photo contest is that you have to concentrate your storytelling power on the subject in the foreground – the background will be a neutral element, a wall made of stone or bricks or concrete. With lighting you can add dimension to wall systems – show the cracks in the concrete or the paint peeling off the wood panels and wainscoting.

Juxtapose ideas outside the box

marriage counselor sponsors the Unlikely Marriage photo contest on LenzrFinally when you have good skills as a photographer its easier to actualize good ideas. One of the best ways to tell stories in pictures is to contrast ideas.

Here’s the hardest photo challenge in February Lenzr matches that nicely illustrates the principle of juxtaposition. An Unlikely Marriage requires photographers think about the elements of their images. Can you put two polar opposites and make people pause and question their union? The prize is an Apple iPad courtesy of a wise marriage counselor that dispenses relationship advice and couples therapy from a cozy location on Queen St West in Toronto.

All nine Lenzr contests open on Feb 1st and voting begins March 15th 2011. The contests close on March 25th 2011 after ten days of voting to determine a top ten ranking in each category. The new Panel of Judges will determine the best picture in each category, and the winners are to be announced on April 1st 2011. Contests open to all Canadian age 13 yrs and older, so get your cameras out and go a Lenzr photo scavenger hunt for self improvement today.

November Lenzr Lets Family Sharpen Photography Skills

There are many advantages to following @Lenzr on Twitter, and keeping abreast of the serial photo contest website that harnesses business marketing budgets to celebrate Canadian independent photographic arts.

Frugal Dads: Photo Contests Are Productive Exercises For Kids

photo contest for pvc trim, natural skin care, snow removal, icf, metal roof

boy camera, metal roof, pvc trim, insulated concrete panels, skin care, nature, snow removalEntering Lenzr photo contests as a family creates even more effective channels for winning prizes, and it kills boredom on a Saturday afternoon by providing a ‘mission’ to young people with new digital cameras.

Sparking passion for something creative is important, and it’s an especially good thing when there’s an Apple iPad offered up as reward. What’s even better is that Lenzr is 100%  community driven, so there’s no moderator interference in the voting.  All this means that having family and friends that are into photography, and ready to vote for your pictures, could be a real advantage.

strange backyard rodents and squirrels and other pests eat tar shingles on roofBe sure and tell us the names of the citizens that live in your backyard – too many photos are just not descriptive enough !

The Backyard Critters photo contest on Lenzr is fast becoming a huge archive of homemade Canadian wildlife pictures.Already there are deer swimming in lakes, and butterflies and all manner of birds and chipmunks and rodents that are slightly out of focus and make me wonder if in fact some young person did indeed snap and submit the image. That’s the challenge – to capture some form of intelligent life right in your own backyard.

Enter today and you could Win an iPad! courtesy of a metal roof installation contractor network – the company is one of the leading distributors of aluminum shingles in the world.  Dad’s are asked to remember that aluminum roofs cannot rust.

insulated concrete ideas forms economical building solutionCan your kids make concrete look beautiful?

The Concrete Ideas photo contest on Lenzr is perfect for preschoolers. Here’s a subject that cant run away on them . And how else can you make a cement abutment, bridge or sewer pipe interesting enough to occupy them for upwards of ten or twenty minutes?! Once again you could win an Apple iPad prize. The match comes courtesy of a superior insulated concrete forms building system that Dad should actually be aware of esp if he’s thinking about building a residential condominium complex, hospital, prison, school or shopping mall behind the house.

color house Lenzr photo contest for pvc trim manufacturerColourful Houses photo contest also rewards the Lenzr member that uploaded the highest rated photo with an Apple iPad, courtesy of a pvc trim manufacturer.

Water On Skin photo contest breaks the iPad trend by awarding the highest ranked image with $500 worth of Soya Boutique’s natural skin care products.

These wonderous substances are formulated from organic soy to address a variety of common skin conditions, such as sun exposure, acne, lines and wrinkles, rosacea, scars, eczema, blemishes, redness, and uneven texture and skin tone.

electric snowblower prize, snow removal, driveway, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa

Pets in Winter Coats is tailor made for kids with cameras. Now they actually have a reason to take pictures of their furry friends.

The sexy red snow blower opposite is for Dad. With this machine waiting in the garage Dad actually anticipates and relishes every snowfall.

Brought about by a snow removal company conscious of winter contracts these friendly guys service a large area east of Toronto specifically, Markham, Whitby, Pickering and Ajax and Oshawa.

All of these challenges were officially launched on Oct 1st, and voting begins on November 20th; these contests end Dec 1st when the highest ranked images are declared the winners. This contest is open to all residents of Canada, age 13 ys and older. Contests not vaild in Quebec.

When A Highschool Hockey Program Goes Hollywood

Educators will tell you that having a winning sports team can inject efficacy and enthusiasm into an entire student body. There’s a buzz in the halls, and a new energy in the classroom, because it’s myth making and on some level each school victory makes everyone feel special. Kids remember where they were when it happened; they’re now part of their school’s  history forevermore.

Here in Canada, we praise hockey achievement above all other sports, yet having the proper facilities to train players, and funds to provide equipment and pay qualified coaches is usually more than most public schools can afford. That’s why some parents, the ones who just know, or have been told enough times that their sons have real hockey talent, often elect to send them to private schools. In this decision they ensure their boys get a good education, and the best possible access to hockey arenas and advanced coaching.

There’s a list of all hockey boarding schools in Canada on HF Hockey Forums and conversation has started there about which is the best and has the best reputation.

St. Andrew’s College (SAC), an all-boys’ school in Aurora, Ontario made a video to showcase their high school hockey program, and it’s downright heroic.

St. Andrew’s College, Varsity Hockey video on YouTube

The video debuted during the Toronto Film Festival at The Spoke Club at King and Portland (an approved TIFF venue) and for the amusement of many noteworthy benefactors, board members, parents, educators and administrators. There was all manner of snacks and a wide selection of beverages, accompanied by soft music, the setting supported superb conversation between SAC’s most preeminent people.

SAC video release, snacks, trays, Toronto, Spoke ClubHere’s a glimpse inside the festivities.  More information presented in Videos Launch on new St. Andrew’s College website including biographical data on William Scoular who directed the videos, and appeared at Spoke Club on Friday September 10th to shakes hands and answer questions.

The Producer/ Director, William Scoular , Head of Drama at St. Andrew’s College for the past 23 years, described the making of the videos during a private viewing at The Spoke Club in Toronto last Friday, September 10th from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Last year, in an effort to differentiate St. Andrew’s from its competition, Scoular set out to illustrate the meaning of the School’s mission statement: “the development of the complete man, the well-rounded citizen.”

Scoular also maintains a professional life outside of St. Andrew’s as a director and writer for both stage and screen.

A glimpse inside the festivities surrounding the completion and release of great media for St. Andrew’s College during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). More information presented in <a href=”;LinkID=440&amp;ModuleID=89&amp;NEWSPID=1″ rel=”nofollow”>Videos Launch on new St. Andrew’s College website</a> including biographical data on William Scoular who directed the videos, and appeared at Spoke Club on Friday September 10th to shakes hands and answer questions.

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