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Some of us are more “stylish” or “fashionable” than others, but whether we know it or not, we all make choices in out daily routines that impact the delivery of our own personal brand.

If you want to do the best you can to effectively manage your own personal brand, and keep up on the latest fashion trends for men and women, you will find some useful stuff here.

Toxic Chemicals in personal skin care products?


I have been doing a lot of gardening over the past couple of months and it has been great. Lots of fresh air, hard work and I am learning a lot.

It’s killing my hands though. Shovelling, digging, gettting dirty, washing, getting dirty. Washing again has taken its toll. I use a lot of moisturizers but it does not seem to make much of a difference. It feels good once I put products on, but as soon as my hands are back in the dirt and back into the tap water, dry as a bone and chafing. It occurred to me that maybe these moisturizers aren’t really doing such a great job after all.

After looking into some other more effective options for skincare products that might heal my busy, abused hands, I learned a lot that really surprised and alarmed me. Did you know, that most of the products you buy at the drugstore, or at the grocery store, contain a bunch of nasty stuff that is toxic and harmful to humans? The more I dug, the more I discovered how everyday personal care products are laced with stuff you would never want in your bloodstream if you knew it was there.

If only we knew about the hidden toxic chemicals that can be found in everyday personal care products… Chemicals that are cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting and allergy-inducing.

The presence of these toxins isn’t new:

They have been there all along.

We think it’s time to shed the light on the hidden, dangerous toxins that exist in body care products for men. But we need your help. We need you to roll up your sleeves and help us flag the products that you would like to know more about.

Cologne, bar soap, deodorant, shaving cream. These are all common products that we use everyday. Used by us, by our sons, brothers, fathers or husbands. On a daily basis, these products are rubbed and absorbed into our skin, with very lax regulations on the ingredients used to make them.

Environmental Defense

Environmental Defense is an organization that looks after us, fights for us and helps make the government take action on our behalf. Their new Just Beautiful campaign is all about testing products we use everyday to see just how safe they are to put on our skin. How safe are the personal products we use on our bodies? The answer: nobody knows. The cosmetic business is a deregulated wild west.

They would like to test ten common products that are part of the basic morning routine many men go through on a daily basis. And, reveal their findings to you.

As a parent myself with a young daughter and two small boys, I want to know whether the products I use daily are safe for me and for my kids. We thought you might too. With our children’s health in our hands, we need to ensure that we are taking each step we can to protect them – today, tomorrow and as they grow older. When we can’t do it for ourselves, its great to know that people like Rick Smith from Environmental Defence has got our backs. He did it already with Bisphenol A in Baby Bottles and now he is on the case searching for hidden toxins that we know are lurking in our everyday personal care products.

By identifying the ingredients hidden in these products, we can continue to push for stronger federal regulations and accountability. But, this research will not be cheap.

As each product is put through a series of laboratory tests to detect different chemicals, testing will cost $710 per product.

Can we count on you to help Environmental Defense make men’s personal care products safe from harmful chemicals? Will you make a donation today?

Each gift will help cover the cost of a product to be tested. And, what better time than to do it today!

How to heal your dry, chapped skin without slathering on harmful toxins?

If you are looking for some great options for effective skin care products that are all natural, non toxic and free from dark, hidden secrets there are options out there. They are just not as easy to find. One place you can look is Made From Earth Organics.

I have been using some of their products recently and I really love them. I have a couple of bars of lovely soap that gets me and my kids dirty hands clean without drying them to a chafe. I also use an amazing face wash that cools, cleans and refreshes after a long day without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. I am a chapstick guy who always travels with one in my pocket and another in my car. You will love theirs. Blows the drugstore variety off the shelf. The only problem is, now that I am addicted to these, I will never be able to buy a cheap and cheerful drugstore product again.

Do you have any questions, products you would like Environmental Defense to test or men’s grooming products you would like us to review and share with our audience?

Please feel free to comment below, email me directly or send us a tweet @HeadsUp_Dad

Eyebrow Grooming: to pluck or not to pluck…

Martin Scorcese for

Every day when you get up in the morning and every day before you go to bed, you look in the mirror and you don’t notice it. With each new day, like the great Glaciers, the two bushy areas above your eyes have been creeping ever so slowly towards mayhem. Then you see it. For  the first little while you ignore it. Then one morning, you’re staring at yourself and there’s simply no denying it anymore. You are looking into the mirror and staring right back at you is Martin Scorcese himself. No one’s ever going to tell you, but it is time you took action.

The time has come to take control of and shape those pesky creatures above your eyes.

How to groom your eyebrows:

Brush your brows up, toward your hair with a toothbrush (please, not the one in current rotation to brush your teeth).

With scissors or clippers, trim any hairs that are a lot longer than the others—There is no need to pull them out, it hurts and you can quickly end up looking like Yul Brynner in the Kings of the Sun. If you do suffer from unibrow, in a pinch you can always shave the middle. But like the old wive’s tail goes: Shave once grow back twice. A better option is  to pluck individual hairs from the center of the space between your eyebrows until the area is the width of your finger.

If your brows look a little bushy, you can thin them from the bottom—carefully. Using tweezers, start in one corner and move horizontally, pulling adjacent hairs in the direction they grow until you’ve cleared out a line across. Start with one row and check yourself in the mirror before doing a second. Please remember men are supose to have eyebrows. Keep it simple and clean.

Next post: we move up your head to your work on your hair

Motivation Potions and Lotions – Under eye blues

PreparationH for under eye blues

more than meets the eye

The successful modern dad is a busy guy who does his best to strike the balance between the demands of work, life, the kids and his pursuit of happiness. Depending on how well that is all going, life can take its toll on how we feel when we wake up in the morning, and how we look when we roll in to the office.

Fatigue and lack of sleep is one of the tell tale signs of a dad who has just too much on his plate. Often, when there is just not enough time for the little things, like a good nights sleep, or a day at the spa, we have been known to neglect our appearance.

It is common knowledge that the outside world will pass judgment in a split second based on how we look. In our hectic and fast paced lives, when seconds count, sometimes the littlest known and fastest to implement personal grooming tips go a long way to add smoke to the mirrors of life and foil the critics.

If you have been up all night with the kids, take one look in the mirror. You’ll see dark, sagging saddlebags, larger than life under your eyes. If this is happening to you, and you are on your way to a job interview, the all important sales meeting, or a hot date with your significant other—don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There is a fast and easy solution, right there in your medicine cabinet.

Take a look in your medicine cabinet. For some reason or another, unbeknownst to most of us, there always seems to be a tube of that dreaded hemorrhoid cream, often known as “Preparation H”. Seems odd but its true. The same product that has been known to soothe the one place that never sees the light of day can also bring down those bags below our eyes to reveal the true you.

It sounds gross, but its not really. Take a pea size amount and rub it carefully under your eye—be careful not to rub it in your eye. Within minutes you will feel like a new man and you will look like you have slept the whole night through!

We have under our eyes covered. next we’ll address the hairy monsters above them. The eyebrow.