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Photo Contests for Fall

October is an exciting time for kids – winds howl as classroom chatter turns to preparation for Halloween. “What are you going to be this year?” becomes the most-repeated question, though it’s often met with “It’s a secret!” Halloween is a great time to create lasting memories with your children, especially if you’re willing to get crafty and creative and help your child make a great costume. Many little girls may want to dress up as their favourite Disney princess and boys may likewise wish to personify a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or another superhero, but convincing them to spend some time with you to see what costume creations you can come up with together may be easier than you think.  Your child may have their heart set on a store-bought costume; suggest making one together and tell them that if they really don’t like the costume they make themselves you can still go shopping for another one. If that still doesn’t work, it’s time to pull out the big guns: Lenzr‘s fall photo contests provide a lucrative incentive.

Homemade Halloween Costume Photo ContestThe Homemade Halloween Costume photo contest is proud to be your secret Halloween weapon this year. When you tell your child you can win $250 in cash (or candy) by making the best homemade costume it may not be long before you see pipe bending and box collecting going on in your living room as your young robot creates his/her new look. Boxes are versatile costume-building tools–you can make refrigerators, ovens, ‘kid-in-the-showers’–tin foil for sci-fi, burlap for zombies or mummies, or real flowers for Mother Nature. A homemade costume will carry with it the pride of its conception and construction, and the fond memories of making said costume with a parent will last indefinitely. You’ll also save money, and might even win money!

This contest was sponsored by a boutique marketing agency that specializes in social media contests.

The House for Renovation photo contest is another Halloween-themed challenge–this time focusing on that creepiest of buildings, House for Renovation Photo Contestthe infamous haunted house. The contest is titled differently, but haunted houses and houses in need of renovation are one and the same to Lenzr. They are not, however, one and the same to kids–kids wouldn’t give a second thought to a deflating porch or leaky roof, but tell them you suspect the place might be haunted and you’ll have instant interest. There are lots of Haunted House hay rides or neighbourhood walks at this time of year, and possibly even a house in need of renovation, I mean…Ghostbusters, on your own block. Try to include a story in your entry (even if it’s just what you and your kids imagine might be inside scaring people away).

The prize is an Apple iPad, courtesy of the contest’s sponsor, a Toronto mortgage broker.

Our Daily Bread Photo ContestThe Our Daily Bread photo contest leaves behind the chocolate, chips, pop and sugary candy of Halloween for the wholesome and sustaining taste of bread. Bread is an ancient food source vastly superior to the processed sugars that are soon to be the bane of teachers’ existences across North America. Do you ever bake your own bread at home? Breadmaking is not as difficult as it’s made out to be, and is certainly yet another way to connect with your children, while at the same time teaching them of the importance of making healthy, delicious food, and demonstrating their creative skills by taking a photograph that looks appetizing.

The prize is a breadmaker courtesy of the contest’s sponsor, a Natural Artisan Bakery that sells all its organic ingredients online.

The Warehouse Stockpiles photo contest is the most challenging contest of the lot, but rewards the best photograph with a great Warehouse Stockpiles Photo Contestprize. This contest is looking for submissions that depict inventory management and this could include car parts, food supplies and even children’s toys. This could be a great learning exercise for kids; young kids don’t think about things like manufacturing or distribution or production planning, often times they think that the store is where the process begins. If you are able to find a warehouse for you and your child to photograph, it will open their eyes to all the tremendous work that goes into bringing products to the public.

The prize is $250 and a photo licensing agreement with the contest’s sponsor, a manufacturing software making that is looking for warehouse-related photos for its website.

Springtime Photography Challenges on Lenzr

Shiny Metal surfaces, best cottage moments and more photo contest with Lenzr in CanadaSpringtime Photography Fun

Looking for some more activities to share with your kids? Remember the benefits of photography are more available now that cameras are inexpensive, indeed disposable.

Photography challenges are good for developing a ‘technical creativity’, and they’re also a great form of self expression. Take photos of your kids or better yet let them have the camera and give them the opportunity to pick the subjects and make digital documents. Give them specific goals as outlined by this month’s four Lenzr photo contests, and stand back to properly coach their success.

Self expression is crucial for healthy emotional development. Here are four excellent Lenzr photo contests that might help you get started for your days of photography with your kids. If you aren’t skilled in photography, don’t worry, this is a perfect chance to learn with your child. Relax, learning is better and easier when it’s made to be fun.

Weather the Storm

Weather The Storm photo contest is a great chance to get meteorological with your camera and child. It doesn’t have to be stormy skies, it can be a single shocking cloud on the horizon, or a steamy scene by the lake, or a threatening sunset.A best cottage moments from a Muskoka cottage in Ontario Canada Use filters and photo editing because that’s allowed on Lenzr. Take the digital camera outside your house and experiment in capturing these stormy skies. Remember on Lenzr you can submit the photos free – get your child to help you to write a little story behind the photo. This will enhance the imagination of the craft. The prize is a Sony Cyber-shot digital camera your child may enjoy courtesy of a Toronto commercial flat roofing company.

Wakeboarding on Lake Muskoka, from Muskoka cottage onlineBest Cottage Moments

This Best Cottage Moments photo challenge is a celebration of your best moments at the cottage. Your whole family can star in this one – for many people the cottage is special because the memories that have nothing to do with school. You can incorporate a different type of learning fun outdoors. The contest winner is offered a valuable prize of a Sony digital camera with lots of amazing features thanks to a Muskoka cottage for sale online. Its an unusual sponsor, but a great prize and good popular theme – someone is going to win.

The cottage owner has left a few of his own magic moments on his blog, and one in particular I will share here is from 2009 when himself and friends went wakeboarding on Lake Muskoka. The post chronicles this niche water sport in considerable detail.

What’s in The Fridge?

Do you ever find your kids in the kitchen opening and closing the fridge door constantly? I once heard about a transparent fridge. Or one with a simple Plexiglas door; the idea would be to have a fridge with a transparent door so anyone could just look inside without actually opening the device – would save energy.  We still haven’t seen that on the market yet, but more likely there could be one with a flat screen which would show the contents of the fridge at the touch of a button.  A printable coupone sponsored Lenzr canada photo contest April and May 2011 Anyhow please take advantage of this with this photo contest called What’s In Your Fridge. Get creative with your camera and use your imagination to create the best photo image of what’s in your fridge and you have the chance to fill some bellies with good nutritious food (or any food you choose) for a while. The contest prize is $500 worth of groceries thanks to sponsor’s printable coupons which of course you do NOT have to use or even acknowledge but you might want to check out that site. We all know it’s not easy to feed your kids these days. If your teenagers can help you share coupons you can all work up a great rewards system that will actually make it worth your while.

Shiny Metal Surfaces
Lenzr photo contest April and May for Shiny metal surfaces thanks to metal panels company
Grown-ups and children of all ages will warm to this photo challenge.  Small children love the lure of the shiny metal surfaces. It makes you wonder what it is they find so appealing? where’s the mystery? But there is something that catches our eyes… Well, you can all work together on this Shiny Metal Surfaces photo contest. Don’t forget to upload your photos for free and you and your child could win an amazing Sony Camera with lots of options to add to your camera collection thanks to the metal panels company that likes photography too. The camera would make a good birthday gift – it has a motion detector on it so you can leave it in your storage locker and set it to record anyone who breaks the envelope of the frame – you can watch later as they steal all of your shiny metal surfaces.

Lenzr photo contests are all about the art of photography and encouraging the creativity and fun for photographers of all skill levels. Enjoy the moments with your child and share in photography experience. Give them skills and opportunities to use their imagination and gain self confidence through their self expression. Take pleasure and pride in the creative process and give positive guidance when you can. The contests are taking place now. Sit with your child and look at the other photos to get some ideas. The contest voting begins May 15th 2011, so mark your calendar. Then the voting ends May 25th 2011. Set your schedule. The top ten voted photos will advance to judges and the prize winners will be announced June 1st 2011. Take some creative risks, enjoy the experience with your child, and grow along the way.

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Fresh Photo Safari on Lenzr in February

Once again Lenzr photo contests are the perfect canvas for kids to get creative on otherwise boring Saturday afternoons in the middle of winter. Armed with a smart phone or digital camera, this website provides a ready made adventure for kids or anyone interested in improving their photography skills – collecting these pictures becomes a powerful photo scavenger hunt. Kids with cameras need a mandate and this website programs their minds in a mission to make memories.

Nine contests on Lenzr for a variety of sponsors including swimming pools, Ontario microFit, dance class, rigid foam insulation, marriage counselor, home stager, manufacturing software, patio furniture

There are nine challenges on the photo contest website this month and the competitions end on march 25th when the top ten user ranked images are judged, and the best photo in each contest is selected as the winner.

Each Lenzr Contest is a Unique Photography Exercise

The contests have a lot to teach both amateur and professional photographers.

boy in swimming pool, contest plate for Lenzr reflections in poolsThe Lenzr photo contest Reflections in Pools is all about positioning. The cameraman must be aware of how to maximize a glittering reflection and how to capture the best shimmer and image as its reflected from the source. The prize is an Olympus STYLUS TOUGH-8800 underwater camera that any kid would love to have and use in the swimming pool at home or school. How does the reflection change our perception of the subject?

rigid foam insulation sponsor Lenzr soap foam and bubbles photo contestStill working with water, add some detergent and focus your camera on foam and bubbles. The physics of soap bubbles is amazing. Get close. Can you capture the majesty of the moment – soap bubbles don’t last very long.

The Soapy Foam and Bubbles photo contest yields a Sony laptop the the best photo courtesy of SilveRboard rigid foam insulation at which if you look close you can see is filled with millions of tiny bubbles wrapped in aluminum foil.

Long lenses capture beauty, wide angle lenses capture emotions.

Long lenses are designed for portraits, sports and nature photography. The first leg of the photo safari demonstrated how to make pictures more impressive by perfect positioning and getting close – those lessons were learned in shooting reflections and soap bubbles. Now let’s back away from the subject and still try and contain the same amount of details.

Beautiful Factories, manufacturing software, Apple iPad, Lenzr photo contest

Put a wide lens on your camera (below 50mm) and this will force you to get into the action, and most likely your pictures will gain depth, details and emotions. Don’t hesitate to approach your main subject by less than 1.5m (5 feet). Sometimes the best pictures are up close and personal and full of lots of little details in the background.

Take a moment and read up a very famous picture of war photographer James Nachtwey, who would take pictures of soldiers with wide angle lenses while lying in their midst as they fought battles.

Can you get wide angle shots of Beautiful Factories full of dynamic details? Show off the intricate ionnovations of modern industrial centers, meat processing plants, chemical refineries, warehouses, shipping and receiving centers and even data storage terminals. The prize is an Apple ipad courtesy of this manufacturing software maker in Richmond Hill Ontario.

patio furniture on Lenzr is much coveted The Best Patio in Canada photo contest is also best accomplished with a wide angle lens, outside in the sun. Here there’s an emphasis on collecting an interesting horizon of some unique scenery or cityscape and patio furniture outdoor entertainment and people of course – puts lots of interesting characters in your pictures because people love to see people and search their faces and gestures for emotions – they seek the necessary clues to form opinions and build their own emotional response.

Ontario microFIT, sun money, portable solar power, SolarlineThe Making Green Power photo contest is a third and final candidate for wide angle photo scavengers. Once again its necessary to show how the green power is being made and this is best accomplished by showing off a lot of the setting – wind farms should be accompanied by long grass and trees branches blowing in the breeze – solar power is best highlighted against a sun baked horizon and of course algae ponds and wood pellet plants would be wide angles of the processing plants

The prize is an The Escape 150 solar power kit that will collect and store 150W / hr courtesy of a solar power installation company and their dedication the Ontario microFIT program and the green benefits of sun money passive income streams.

Make your picture tell a story

A good picture tells a story on its own, if you add all the elements of the story to your picture’s composition.

A good story will usually need some background information, therefore chose your spot (just like back when you were trying to capture that reflection) in a way, that important elements appear either next to the person or clearly visible in the background.

Sebastiao Salgado is a masterful storytelling photographer. Have a look at his work. Every single shot tells a story. You need no text, no caption to understand the essence of the picture.

people dancing in a dance class in the street, Marla Silva Taking pictures of people dancing is a terrific exercise for capturing human emotion. The People Dancing photo contest on Lenzr asks that you try and capture some sort of structured dance and these days that could be polka or waltz or swing or hip hop or jungle or even classical ballet. The prize in this contest is two pairs of professional dancing shoes from Marla Silva and her dancing classes in west Toronto.

The On Stage at Home photo contest concentrates storytelling skills as it asks photograpohers to take pictures of performances in kitchens, livingrooms, diningrooms, and garages – indoor photography for framing people performing in front of audiences and

picture- the photo contest rewards the best image with a large animal skin rug – it looks like a zebra buiut you can get cow or elk or buffalo of whatever you most desire to decorate the cement floors of a condominium or the wood floors of a warehouse lofe. This contest is sponsored by a veteran home stager and an expert in the Toronto marketplace. Brian Stirling is one of the Lenzr Judges in this month’s photo contests.

Research and experiment; get to know your subject in portraiture

Great portraits distinguish themselves by the fact that they distill down into one picture the essence of the subject’s personality. It’s the sole responsibility of the photographer to bring the whole personality in the face and the body of the subject. One way to do it, is to talk. Talk with the person while preparing a shot. Ask questions about his life, his preferences, his job etc. Go on discussing while you arrange the light, while you put in your film, and finally while you take the shots.

Up Against The Wall, Sony Laptop, wall systems, Don’t make a speech. Ask questions, and show your genuine interest in the person your taking a picture trough carefully listening to the answers.

The reality of the Up Against The Wall photo contest is that you have to concentrate your storytelling power on the subject in the foreground – the background will be a neutral element, a wall made of stone or bricks or concrete. With lighting you can add dimension to wall systems – show the cracks in the concrete or the paint peeling off the wood panels and wainscoting.

Juxtapose ideas outside the box

marriage counselor sponsors the Unlikely Marriage photo contest on LenzrFinally when you have good skills as a photographer its easier to actualize good ideas. One of the best ways to tell stories in pictures is to contrast ideas.

Here’s the hardest photo challenge in February Lenzr matches that nicely illustrates the principle of juxtaposition. An Unlikely Marriage requires photographers think about the elements of their images. Can you put two polar opposites and make people pause and question their union? The prize is an Apple iPad courtesy of a wise marriage counselor that dispenses relationship advice and couples therapy from a cozy location on Queen St West in Toronto.

All nine Lenzr contests open on Feb 1st and voting begins March 15th 2011. The contests close on March 25th 2011 after ten days of voting to determine a top ten ranking in each category. The new Panel of Judges will determine the best picture in each category, and the winners are to be announced on April 1st 2011. Contests open to all Canadian age 13 yrs and older, so get your cameras out and go a Lenzr photo scavenger hunt for self improvement today.

Lenzr Photo Safari For Kids – 3 new photo contests for iPads

Challenge your kids with cool photography assignments!

A great activity that will engage their creative side, develop new skills and give them something fun to focus on this fall.

girl with camera on a photo safariVisit Lenzr.com and choose a photography assignment. Lenzr challenges people of all ages and skill levels to upload specific images for a safe and friendly web competition in exchange for real prizes. At Lenzr, the membership picks the winners—Its super fun and easy, just shoot, upload, share with friends and family, get the most people to vote for your photo and you will win an iPad.

Parents looking to engage their children with fun and creative play activities can map out a Lenzr photo safari. It is a great way to learn, have fun and make memories by shooting photos of cool stuff where ever you live. You or your kids could win a nice new iPad for getting the most votes in the photo contest.

This month’s photo safari starts with a trip to the rooftop deck – or any safe vantage point upon which a young person with a camera might capture a view of a distant rural horizon or urban cityscape.

Industrial, flat roof, repair company, Toronto, View From The Roof contest plate on Lenzr, The View From The Roof photo contest on Lenzr hopes to collect and archive many different landscapes from all across Canada. Most will be from a vantage point about thirty feet or so above ground. Some folks who live in apartment buildings in big cities will have a much higher view from the roof.

The Apple iPad prize was provided by a flat roof repair service that puts new white ToughRoof systems to work in the greater Toronto Area.  Dan Sheridan is a white roof  specialist and an expert at remodeling roofs into the perfect (all white = reflective) terrain for increased solar panel production.

Lenzr photo contest plate for portable solar power company, Morning Sunshine, Win an iPadWhich brings us to the second assignment in the weekend family photo safari. The Morning Sunshine photo contest is a little tricky only because it requires getting up really early and taking pictures in the special light that first burns off the morning mist. Its a magic hour thing.

Special thanks to Michael Reichmann, the Ontario photographer who donated this Sunrise_Barn photo from his Ontario photography gallery .  The contest sponsor is a portable solar power generator (PSG’s) design and manufacturing firm in southern Ontario. The Solarline Power, Mobile Solar Work Units are quiet, reliable and deliver clean renewable energy, more info about these solar trailers on the Lenzr blog.

People Building Things photo contest is third and although it has the least pictures right now, its our belief this challenge is the easiest to enter and win. Although it seems like a very specific topic, anything constructive will probably be accepted in the match.

This third iPad prize to be dispensed was purchased by a solar powered deck building company. The sponsors of this challenge use green building programs and clean energy to (quietly) cut lumber and make your backyard paradise. Submit pics of People Building Things and tell us the story behind each picture.

In all three contests, the registered member that uploads the highest ranked image will WIN AN iPad! Voting begins September 20th 2010 – the highest ranked photograph for each contest automatically wins this awesome prize when the Contest Closes on Oct 1st, 2010. Contest is open to all Canadians (must be 13yrs old or older), not valid in Quebec.

Good luck and happy shooting!Bookmark and Share

Lenzr Celebrates 50 Year Old Dads In Time For Father’s Day

The 50 Going On 15 photo contest on Lenzr is set to collect, display and eventually grade a wide selection of photos of people, mostly men over 50 years old doing outrageous things like they were still teenagers. Is your father or anyone you know between the age of fifty and sixty years old? Do you have shots of your Dad acting crazy at a family BBQ? Or doing some rather risky extreme sports? Or just laughing and behaving like a kid? There are lots of great images already on display in this healthy online competition.

Is your Dad crazy? does he act like a teenager? Get chocolateThe pictures don’t have to be over-the-top, but they should be considered ‘outrageous’, and each image should tell a little story, especially when compounded with relevant text in a compelling 140 character caption.

Get creative with this challenge and win a huge amount of chocolate!

The prize is over 50 lbs of pure dark chocolate and that substance is also something every Dad appreciates – this is a lifetime supply for some lucky, and probably very popular local photographer.

Remember on Lenzr the membership picks the winning images by voting and commenting on other people’s pictures – you cannot vote for your own work, and yet you can only get to cast powerful ‘registered votes’ by uploaded an image.  It’s this kooky ritual that makes Lenzr popular.

Also available this month is an escape for Mom and Dad.  Win a Las Vegas vacation for two people courtesy of this portable toilet rentals company in a queer little photo contest called Portable Luxury.