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When in Doubt: Seek Support

One of the very best ways to cope with a stressful environment is to reach out to others and nurture connections you have. Narrowed vision, as if we had blinkers on, is a natural response to stress. Blinkers are good when we need to focus but bad when we need to be creative. Working with others in a creative and supportive environment is an effective antidote to modern day stresses.
Develop a group of supporters who can help you when you need it. Do this in advance, as part of your professional networking. It’s not the kind of thing you can do at the last minute. Many people form support networks in groups they join, like a Goal Setting Club or a professional association.
A goal setting kind of club which meets regularly is a good idea for people who work alone and even for people with jobs who need a professional outlet away from work. The key thing is to have handy access to people who know you, your situation and what your strengths and weaknesses. Their input and ideas will job your own creativity.

What about you?

Who do you reach out to when you need some help through challenging times?